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Happy Anniversary Riding Warehouse

Riding Warehouse is turning 6 years old. And I am so grateful they are around. I found them by watching YouTube videos, and someone had done an unboxing video showing the things they had bought. That was also one of the first unboxing videos I ever watched in YouTube. When I saw that video it inspired me to do my own unboxing videos, and also find out what Riding Warehouse was all about.

My first order from them was not huge, but I spent over $50.00, so I got free shipping. And the care that went into the packaging really made an impact. Everything was packaged so carefully, and they even included a return shipping label in case I needed to return anything I had bought. I was like, wow, this is a great company.

And after that first unboxing video I made, I continued to go back to Riding Warehouse, and find new products, and continue to share what I found with my YouTube audience. It’s a little cringy for me to go back and look at my older videos, but we all have to start somewhere, right?

Fast forward a couple years, and Riding Warehouse is one of the first places I go to when I need to buy something horse related. In fact I just placed an order yesterday for a new saddle pad and ear bonnet.

Riding Warehouse Has A YouTube Channel

And one that keeps bringing me back over and over again, besides the incredible customer service, is the description pages they have for the things the sell. On many of their products, they make videos showing you the o=product, along with one of their employees sharing what they love about it. For me, that is really helpful because I can see the product in relation to a person. I can get an idea of how it looks in real life, along with other’s thoughts, and why they like the product.

The Riding Warehouse YouTube channel has over 500 videos with product reviews, how to tutorials and interviews with different companies. And their channel has evolved too.

A Company That Cares About Equestrians

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From Riding Warehouse’s website

This is a company that really does care about people like us who love our horses. Perhaps it’s because they are horse people too. Whatever the reason, they care. They have thought through everything to make a good shopping experience for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to live close by their physical store.

Every time I make an order, I get notified that they have received my order. Then I get a thank you e-mail to let me know they are working on my order. And then once my order ships, I get another e-mail letting me know it has shipped along with the tracking number. I never question that they received my order or how long it will be before it’s shipped. I appreciate that so much. Especially when I am anxiously awaiting whatever treasures are on their way to me.

A Huge Selection

And even though they haven’t been around as long as some of the other large equestrian shopping sites, they certainly are my favorite. And they are always working to get even better. They have a HUGE selection of everything we as horse people could want and/or need for our horses. And I have even found that in some instances they are the only place I can find certain products.

flix horse treats for horses

They not only have a huge selection, they have the best prices. Just as an example, I needed dewormer, electrolytes and Simplifly for my horses. So I did a comparison between Riding Warehouse and Horse.com. I put 3 identical items in my cart from both companies. I went all they way to the check out section of each website and looked at the total cost. While Horse.com initially had the lower total cost, at the end when I went to check out and the extra shipping fees were added, Riding Warehouse was less expensive by $15.00. That really opened my eyes that even though the other store seemed more affordable in the beginning, they weren’t. Riding Warehouse wins again.

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

And because of them, I have been introduced to incredible products that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else, like Stubben Rose and Green Tea Mane and Tail Detangler which is my absolute favorite shine spray for my horses. And when I find something new that I want to buy, or try, I always go to Riding Warehouse first to see if they have it. Every time I have done this, they have it, and they always have the best price.

The Best Service Period

a woman in an English riding coat

I have never had a bad experience from Riding Warehouse. I have never received a liquid product that leaked. And I have always received notification and tracking information for my orders. And I have been thrilled with their service with every single order I have placed. This is probably why I go back again and again.

Try Riding Warehouse For Yourself

If you have never made an order from Riding Warehouse right now is an excellent time to give them a try. To celebrate their 6th anniversary, Riding Warehouse is giving us the present. Right now, until April 14th, they are giving use 20% off site wide. All you have to do is use the code RW6 at checkout and you will save 20% off your order!

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From Riding Warehouse’s website

And for full disclosure, I am an affiliate of Riding Warehouse. So if you use one of the links I have provided, I may receive a small commission from your purchase. And this helps me to continue to do what I do here, on my blog, and also on my YouTube channel. So in advance, thank you for your support, and to Riding Warehouse a big thank you for being a truly fantastic place to shop for everything horse!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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