My house is beginning to look like an episode of Hoarders, I have too much stuff.

I do this every year after Christmas. I look at all the stuff around me, and I feel like I am drowning in stuff. And also every year, I plan on getting rid of said stuff. But this year, I am really making it happen!

And actually, I have already started. I had planned on posting this at the time of listing lots of horsey related things I listed on eBay for sale, but I got in a groove of collecting, cleaning, photographing and listing that my blog post kind of took a backseat to selling things!

One Room At A Time

I started in my bedroom, and collected everything that I don’t use. I hadn’t planned on starting here, but that’s how it worked out.

And I’m glad I started here. I had so many horse related outfits and clothes that I have never worn. Or, maybe worn once. So I gathered all of it, and got busy listing things to sell.

Over 50 Buy it Now items on eBay later, and my closet looks MUCH better.

Next I went out to the barn and gathered up all of the excess.

I loaded 2 tack trunks full of things that I don’t need, and started listing these things too.

Next was the spare bedroom, the basement, and then the closets.

All in, at the time of posting this, I had over 150 things for sale on eBay over the past few weeks. Holy Moly that’s a lot of stuff! But by getting rid of the excess, I have more room, and more time.

I should have done this a long time ago.

Finding The Motivation To Minimize

I don’t know how things got so crazy, but apparently, I love to buy things. But I think since I have decided to go back to Western riding, I feel relieved. I don’t have to have the latest and greatest. And one thing I have learned because of this, I don’t need a lot of stuff. And I feel better!

Not only do I have enough things to sell to get my western gear. But western tack is more affordable than English tack. Why is that?

But switching up my riding discipline has given me the motivation to get rid off all of the extras I have. And made keeping things neat and tidy a lot easier.

I feel so much better. And I feel like I have found my joy again with my horses, as well as my home. It’s not about the stuff, it’s about the horses, and my home.

Buy My Stuff

And because of my sell off of lots of things, if you are looking for horse related things, or not so horse related treasures, I have a lot for sale!

I have bridles, saddles, boots, tack, riding clothes, and other things for sale on our eBay page right now. It is under my husbands account, Dalegood72, in case you were curious of what I’m selling.

And please, by all means, go look and see if you can find something you have been searching for! I just might have it! And as I keep selling things, more things are being listed every day. I am willing to bet you might find something!


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