About a month ago, I found a really cool t-shirt while I was surfing through Instagram. And when I saw the shirt I was like, oh yes, you will be mine. It was just so cute!

Isn’t it cute?!?!?! Can you see why I wanted it? It’s made by a company called Halter Equestrian Apparel. I had never heard of them before playing around on Instagram. But if you visit their website, the first words you see are “Lovingly Designed Apparel By Horse Fanatics” I saw that and was thinking, yup, I’m in.

Halter Equestrian Apparel

So Halter Equestrian Apparel is a Canadian company that produces premium equestrian apparel that got their start back in 2018 after not having good luck trying to find quality equestrian apparel for their horse crazy daughter. I can relate. So they didn’t give up, they just started their own apparel company. How awesome is that? Their goal is to provide the best quality, and affordable equestrian tee shirts and apparel while providing the best customer service to, as they put it, to all of their horse loving friends.

And I can tell you, when I received my package in the mail, they have totally nailed the customer service part of their promise.

All of this was what I received, and I thought I was just going to be getting T-shirt in the mail!

Besides the shirt, my favorite thing they included was a personal, hand written thank you card. That was awesome. Halter Equestrian Apparel has completely impressed me with their service.

I also got a couple of their brand stickers, and a cool grocery bag, which I will probably use in the barn, and of course, my new t-shirt!

Halter Equestrian Jumper Tee

This is the t-shirt. It is sooooooo soft! This equestrian tee shirt is a blend of sustainable materials, bamboo and organic cotton. And as an added bonus the shirt is hypo-allergenic, antibacterial and UV resistant. That’s pretty cool right?  And the shirt is preshrunk, meaning when I throw it in the washing machine, it isn’t going to shrink 3 sizes and become something my tiny daughter can wear.

And the biggest reason I wanted this shirt was how the lettering is across the front of it. But even better is the jumper horse on the sleeve. I love shirts that have this ‘extra’ embellishment.

And when I felt this shirt, I was very impressed at how soft it really is! It is soooooo soft! I know, I keep saying that, but it is! It seems pretty wrinkle resistant too. Taking it out of the carefully wrapped packaging, and there were hardly any wrinkles.

The Wearability Test

I was super excited to try this shirt on, and of course, wear it while I was riding Plezant. Getting a new shirt like this motivated me to go out and ride, even after working all day.

Not only is it ultra soft ( I know, I said it again) but it fits really well.

I bought mine in an extra large size because well, I like my shirts to be a little roomy. And I’m ok with buying an extra large, because it fits my size (#bodyimage). The shirt is very comfortable, and not too hot in the heat.

It’s roomy, and moves very easily without bunching up. Overall I am really happy with how I look in this shirt. And let’s face it, if we feel good about how we look, that;s the most important thing right?

Halter Equestrian Apparel T-Shirt – Yay or Neigh?

Overall I am very happy I bought this shirt. I love it. It did take a little longer to get to me. I’m sure that is because of the whole Covid thing. But this shirt was worth the wait.

And the cost? Well, this shirt cost $45.00 Canadian dollars, which is around $33.00 in US dollars. The shipping was $8.95. And yes, that’s a lot of money to spend on a tee shirt. However, the quality of the shirt makes the cost worth it, in my opinion.

Would I buy another shirt from Halter Equestrian Apparel? I sure would. I really like this shirt. And they are right, this has become my favorite tee shirt. So please forgive me if you see this shirt a lot in my upcoming videos, and blog posts. I like it that much!

If you want to see all of the tee shirts they have to offer, you should check out Halter Equestrian Apparel. They have a lot of different designs, and they just might have your new favorite tee shirt too.


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

    11 replies to "Halter Equestrian Apparel T-Shirt Try On"

    • Devon

      Wow, what a lovely review. We are so glad you are loving your new Bamboo Jumper Tee. Thanks for your kind words and lovely post as well. We’re excited for some new products we are working on and can’t wait to share them with you.

      • Lisa

        Hi Devon!
        Thank you for checking out my blog! And a really big thank you for creating such an incredible tee shirt. Seriously, my favorite tee shirt ever! It’s already been in one video, and I think it will be in a lot more because I can’t stop wearing it. Even when it’s super hot outside, I stay cool and comfortable, very important this time of year. Again thank you so much for making such a wonderful product 🙂

        • Devon

          We love your blog and will continue to read up on stories and reviews shared. Thanks again for your support and kind words. It means the world to us to hear this. Thanks so much Lisa! Have a wonderful day / week.

    • Sierra

      Love my Jumper tee to🥰 so comfy and soft. Light weight to which is perfect for riding in hot days😍💗

      • Lisa

        Hi Sierra 🙂
        I agree with you 110%, best tee ever 🙂

    • Sierra splitter

      #inlove with my Jumper tee to! It’s so soft and so comfy🥰 light weight to which is perfect for riding! They always put in to much effort into the packaging and the note🥰 20/10 #recommend

    • Emily Pringle

      What a super review! I have the “Hunter” version of this tee and feel exactly the same! It’s the best shirt to ride in those hot summer days 🌞

      • Lisa

        Hi Emily 🙂
        Isn’t this the best tee? I love mine!

    • Anabelle

      Fabulous review 😻

    • abby

      i love my tee they are so soft!! This is such a great review!

    • Molly Brown

      i 100% agree!! i have this shirt too and it’s definitely my favourite! especially for when i’m riding on the super hot days!

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