The other day someone suggested I share my horses, like really share my horses. And I thought that would be a great post! So Thank you, Horsey Gal for the suggestion. I hope this is what you had in mind!

Now I have had a lot of horses over the past 40 years of my life. My first horse wasn’t even a horse, it was a miniature mule names Jack. And he was awesome! But after I got my first experience as a ‘horse’ owner, I have had an incredible lifetime of horses. And while I was younger, most of the horses I ended up with were those that others didn’t want, or project horses. But now, as an older adult I have finally gotten two incredible horses that I get to call my own.

Come Meet My Horses

Ok, so I will start with Frisby, because I have had him a very long time. Frisby is not just a horse, he is a part of our family. And honestly, all of our ‘pets’ are a part of our family. When we bring an animal into our home, they become a part of our family, no matter how many legs they have.

  • Name: Frisby
  • Breed: Hanoverian
  • Age: 24
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Height: 16 Hands
  • Color: Liver Chestnut
come meet my horses


Frisby is a kind horse. I have had him since 2005. I still remember when I went out to meet him for the first time. His owner, with whom I am still in contact with, and she comes to visit Frisby from time to time. He seemed so huge! And she had no intention of selling him, we were discussing the terms of a long term lease. This appealed to me because there was no way I could afford to buy him outright, and we had just moved out to the ‘country’. So having a horse at home was a new experience for me.  And poor Frisby had to tolerate me learning how to be a horse mom at home.

meet my horses

But when I rode Frisby, we first started in the indoor arena, and then moved to the outdoor arena. He took everything in stride, and despite the fact that he wouldn’t do anything more than a walk, I loved him. He was gorgeous, and had such a kind eye.

His former owner brought him to the US from Germany when she moved here. And while she wanted to keep him, she had just started her family, and Frisby wasn’t getting the attention he needed. So while our partnership started as a long term lease, I ended up buying him shortly after he came home to me.

Frisby has been very forgiving over the years that I have owned him. When I brought him home to me, he was 9 years old. And our little country home was a lot different than what he had been used to. But he took everything in stride, and basically would do anything I asked of him, as long as I didn’t ask him to go too fast, or work too long.

A Forever Friend

Even though we haven’t gone to any shows, this horse has been my rock at trying to get to a show. We have done trail riding, and of course some dressage, and jumping and lessons.

And I even worked him for a bit as a barrel horse.

Come Meet My Horses

Yes, Frisby knows how to barrel race.

Come Meet My Horses

He has had some bumps and bruises along the way, but he has always recovered.

The most outstanding injury he has had was a kick to his back leg, in the stifle joint. This happened a long time ago, over 10 years ago actually. But from that injury, he developed a hard bony mass on his back leg. It doesn’t interfere with his movement, and it’s not painful for him, just not very pretty.

But after this injury, it really got me thinking about keeping my horses separated during turn out. And I finally decided to do this when I brought Plezant home. And since that day, neither horse has had an injury, thankfully!

But back to Frisby….

Come Meet My Horses

Last year I decided to retire Frisby after riding him almost every day in November. He just didn’t seem to be having a very good time, and his health, well he seemed to be showing his age. And I noticed he was not really enjoying all of the attention I was giving to him either. I think that was really when he seemed to be getting, ‘old’. And I decided that I would not be riding him any more.

Come Meet My Horses

He has given so much to me over the years, that I decided it was time for him to be a permanent pasture pony.

Now that being said, I didn’t just turn him into a pasture and ignore him.

Senior Horse Problems

He is still groomed and loved on every day. And about 6 weeks ago, Frisby came up lame all of a sudden. Of course I freaked out, and wondered what I had done wrong, so I had the vet come see what was going on. And after a quick exam, she pointed out a few things that I had noticed over the past year. She asked if Frisby shed out completely over the summer. Which he didn’t. She noticed his topline was a little droopy, which seemed to literally happen over night. And with his recent lameness, he had a lot of tell tale symptoms of PPID (Equine Cushings Disease). And it hit me like a brick wall, it all made sense.

Come Meet My Horses

The lameness was a mild laminitis which he thankfully has recovered from. But lesson learned, and hopefully that will not be something we ever repeat in the future.

So we did a blood test, which I have learned fall isn’t the best time for this ACTH blood test because all horses have an elevated level, due to getting ready for winter, But with the results being about 10 times the normal range, he was diagnosed officially with PPID.

Since his diagnosis, he has started on medication (Prascend) and had a complete overhaul of his feeding plan. And I can thankfully say, I am noticing small improvements. The medication is not cheap – $160.00 for 60 tablets, but to me, he is worth it. And I am hopeful that he will return to his form self once his levels stabilize and he gets accustom to his new medication, and feed.

I am encouraged after reading hundreds of other horse owners experience with PPID. But I think it will take some time to be able to really see the difference. Most likely in the spring, when he will hopefully shed out his furry coat!

But even though he has some health issues, he is still a pretty awesome horse.

I mean, if I wanted to, I know that I could climb up on him and go for a walk. He would be a good boy. He’s almost always a good boy. Even in his younger years, he never was a very reactive horse. I mean he has had his moments. And I have fallen off of him a handful of times. But thankfully no major injuries from falls off of Frisby!

Favorite Frisby Moments

I think if I had to pick a few favorite moments with Frisby, the best would be the first time I jumped with him. Ok, it wasn’t anything major, it was a cross rail., sort of.

But hey, it was a jump! We haven’t done a lot of jumping, but when he would see the jumps set up in the arena, he would definitely pay attention. He seemed to like jumping.

And other than riding him just being around Frisby makes me happy. He has been in my life for a really long time, so he knows my idiosyncrasies, and I know his. I know when he isn’t feeling quite himself, or when he is happy. But I guess that’s just something that comes from having a horse for 15 years, right?

Come Meet My Horses

I know that he is getting older, but that doesn’t mean I will ever sell him. Nope, he has found his forever home here. It makes my heart happy to offer this to him, because he has given me so much over the years. It’s the least I can do for him.

The Latest Addition

Come Meet My Horses
  • Name: Plezant
  • Breed: Dutch Warmblood (KWPN)
  • Age: 23
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Height: 17 Hands
  • Color: Bay

Wow, where to begin with Plezant. I have had him for almost a year now. He came home on December 21, 2019. And my husband said because of this, his name should be Saint Nick. In fact, even now he refers to him as Saint Nick.

Come Meet My Horses

But I haven’t even been the type of person that has changed any of my horses names. I’ve always just kept the names they were given.

And he really does look like a Plezant to me, what do you think?

Since I haven’t had him for very long, I can only share what I have learned about his past, and how cool of a horse he has been for me.

When I first brought him home, I have to admit I was intimidated by his size. I mean, this horse is HUGE!

Come Meet My Horses

When I bought him, I was told he was 16.2. But after reviewing all of the paperwork that came with him and measuring him for myself after reading all of it, he is a full 17 hands tall. He is a big boy! But he is a really sweet horse. And the more time I spend with him, he doesn’t really look that big to me anymore. In fact a few times I have looked at him and wondered if he is shrinking.

Come Meet My Horses

Well, he isn’t shrinking, but I think my confidence level has grown with him, so maybe I’m taller!

It has definitely taken me some time to get used to him, as I am sure it has taken him some time to get used to me and his forever home.

Learning all of his little quirks has been part of the fun of getting to know him.

And when I first brought him home he was thin.

Come Meet My Horses

I felt really bad for him. His hip bones and breast bones were sticking out, thankfully he had a winter coat to cover it up. And by the time he shedded out, he had put on some weight which made me happy. I don’t want him to be fat, but I do like my horses to be a little heavy, and have bloom I guess I would say.

Plezant – The School Master

For a portion of Plezant’s life, he was a lesson horse. And honestly, this is what drew me to him. Yes, he is a senior, but the experience this horse has had over his life is pretty incredible. That is what I wanted. A been there done that horse.

Come Meet My Horses

And this is great for building confidence I have found, regardless of the size of the horse.

But with being a lesson horse, he has learned how to be evasive. I probably would too if I were a lesson horse for any length of time. This has been somewhat of a challenge to work through, but not in a bad way. It has been a very good lesson for me. I mean I have to really think about what I am asking of him, and when he does what I ask, he gets rewarded. It has been a learning process for me, but one well worth it.

Come Meet My Horses

He is teaching me to be deliberate as well as clear with what I am asking of him. When I’m not, he doesn’t do what I ask. When I am clear with what I want, he gets it and does what I ask. It’s pretty cool when that happens.

And he is really quiet. He isn’t flighty, or spooky at all.

He loves going for walks. I think he looks forward to it actually.

Come Meet My Horses

And I think he is settling in. He waits for me by the gate every day when I get home. He nickers when I call him, and he will stand still while I tack him up. I can even bridle him now without him becoming a giraffe when I go to slip the bit into his mouth.

All of these little victories over the past 10 months with him have made me realize how lucky I am to have found him, and have him as my horse.

Come Meet My Horses

And there you go! You just met my horses!

Come Meet My Horses

I feel very fortunate to have these two horses. Yes, they both have issues, but who doesn’t? I’m not hitting the A shows, or any shows for that matter right now. But I’m ok with that.

I do dream of participating in shows one day, and one day I will. But for now, I am so happy to be able to have two safe horses that bring me so much joy. To me, that’s the most important thing and why I have horses in my life in the first place.


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