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This blog post is an in depth look at how I get done what I get done. And while Monday through Friday are pretty boring, and mostly the same because I have to work, I though it would share with you what a typical weekend looks like for me.

And this is what I did last weekend. I wanted to share with you what my typical weekend day looks like, because this is when I am able to get the most work done.


I love Saturday. It is my most favorite day of the week. It’s the first day of the weekend, and it is the start of my weekend plan. And I am really a homebody. So when I have 2 solid days with no plans other than getting stuff done, I am a happy, happy woman.

Good Morning 6:30 AM

Oh yeah, I slept in on Saturday. This doesn’t usually happen, but it did today. And it was really nice to wake up and see daylight creeping through my window as I opened my eyes. In my defense, I stayed up until 11:30 PM binge watching Travelers on Netflix. And while I don’t usually stay up that late, or sleep in past 6:00, it was very, very nice.

writing a list of things to do for the day

After I got up, let the dogs out, and got my coffee, it was time to list out what I want to get accomplished for the weekend. This included making videos, making thumbnails for videos, getting hay, cleaning the barn and the house, finishing my jump projects in the garage, taking down the rest of the Christmas decorations from outside, writing a couple of blog posts, and playing with the horses. Not too much right?

This is how I start almost every morning, planning what I want to accomplish for the day, and/or week.


Now that I have a plan, it’s time to feed the horses and the chickens. Regardless of the day of the week, holiday or weather conditions, the outside animals always get fed between 7:15 and 7:30 am. And thankfully it is a beautiful day with the weather forecast of sunny skies and a daytime temperature of around 60 degrees. Perfect weather for getting outside and getting some chores done.


The horses and chickens are fed, so now it’s time to write a few blog posts. And maybe get started on a few more for the month. I find it’s always easier to write when I have an idea of what I am going to write about. And it also helps me plan for the month. I really look forward to the beginning of the month when I can make a big list of blog posts and video ideas, and then actually executing all of them is even better.

a freshly made bed

And my husband is up, so I can make the bed. This is one of the first things I do every single day. Well, unless my husband is still in it. Starting the day by making your bed is a great way to begin your day. Because even if you don’t accomplish anything else, you did make your bed.


The sun had been up long enough that my hose was thawed out, so I started my outside chores with cleaning out the horse water tank. That was disgusting. Even though it’s winter time, thick green Algae still seems to find a way to grow. It has helped that I’m not feeding the horses off the ground though. Because now Ethan can’t dunk his hay into the water!

a clean water tank

And while the water tank was filling, I cleaned out my little red barn, and got it ready for bringing home some hay, and shavings. I also took down the rest of the outside Christmas decorations, and decided that I needed some new solar lights for the fence posts at the end of our driveway. So 15 minutes later after playing on Amazon, I found a nice set of solar lights to replace my raggedy old ones. They will be here on Monday, so I can brighten up the entry way to our property. Another project, but this one will be easy to get done after work, on Monday.

solar powered light for a fence post

11:30 AM

My husband was ready to go to the feed store, he always drives because I suck at backing up the truck. So we made our way into town, and bought 2 weeks’ worth of hay, some shavings, and chicken feed. Then it was time to come home, stack the hay, clean out the truck, take Ethan’s blanket off, and turn the horses out for the day.

bales of hay


Well the day is half done, and I still have yet to make a video, or clean the barn. But you have to eat right? So after the hay was put away, it was time for breakfast, or lunch rather. I pulled some French toast that we had already made, out of the freezer and ate.

Which I should let you know, my weight loss journey is still on track. Even with the holidays, I have managed to keep my weight at 172 lbs. And I have not tried at all. I have also been very lazy, and watching a lot of TV. So once the weather turns warm for good, and the days get long enough that I can ride, I think my weight will continue to decrease. So yes, the ginko fiber is still working for me.


Time to get outside! I put on my barn coat, found a podcast to listen to on my phone (Daily Strides) and set out to clean the barn. I find it much easier to get more done if I am listening to a podcast.

the best wireless earbuds

And thankfully I have these wireless headphones, so no cords to tangle with my rakes!

Now I have to say during the winter, I am not the best at cleaning the horses paddocks, and sometimes their stalls too. When the temperature is below freezing for days at a time, sometimes it is challenging to detach frozen horse poops from the ground. But if the weather cooperates on the weekend, the stalls and paddocks get as complete of a cleaning as I can make happen.

And today, it was perfect barn cleaning weather. It was so warm in fact that I didn’t even need my coat. I could get used to this.

a messy barn
The before…

And then I tackled the little red barn. Not a complete cleaning, but I got the hay nets filled, the floor swept, the trash out and cut out all of my proofs of purchase from my feed. Did you know that Triple Crown horse feeds rewards you with a free bag of feed if you collect 12 proof’s of purchase? That’s pretty cool. So I broke down and cut out all of the proofs of purchase from the bags I have. Only 4 more bags until I get a free one. I wish I would have known that when I started feeding it!

a tidy barn
And the after!

All right. The stalls are done, paddocks done, the horses are enjoying what I swept out of the barn, now it’s time to see if I can get some painting (and video’s done for this week’s videos for my YouTube channel.

horses eating hay


By now, I am getting a little tired. And it would be easy to sit myself in front of the TV. But, I want to get a little more done, and then take Ethan for a walk. So out to the garage it is! I have been working on this rose gold horse jump for the past two weeks. Well, the past two weekends really. And I love rose gold. I think that is my new favorite color. So I decided to take some rails that I already had, and paint them with rose gold spray paint.

diy horse jump rails

Then I took a gate I had made a long while ago, and I painted that rose gold too. I did the first part of the painting last weekend. And I wanted to make sure to give the paint enough time to fully dry before adding in the white parts.

diy horse jump gate

Right now I don’t have any high gloss white paint. But I do have lots of kilz, and I have mod podge sealer. I also got some glitter mod podge for Christmas that I am toying with using for the finishing touch to this jump. But I had to get the white part done, at least one coat of it so that is what I did.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get these completed.

diy horse jumps

And while I was painting, I couldn’t let that opportunity go to waste, so I filmed it too. Because these two projects will turn into 3 different videos for my YouTube channel. With the grand finale being called Making a Rose Gold Horse Jump. That has been my ultimate goal with building this jump.


All right, it is now way far into the afternoon. And I still haven’t got out to play with my ponies. So with about an hour of daylight left, it is finally time to go back out and actually work with Ethan for a bit. He enjoys having something to do. I know this because if I go for more than 2 days of not spending some quality time with him, when I go to bring him in for the night, he goes to the farthest part of their pasture, and waits for me to come get him.

I usually take at least 5 to 10 minutes every night and take him for a walk after I get home from work, even in the dark. I think he looks forward to this little ritual we have every day. So I make sure to carve out a little extra time to make this happen, unless it is very cold.

a horse on a lead line

And today, he seemed to enjoy it too. We walked around the pasture for a bit. And then did some ground work, or lunging on the end of the 15 foot lead rope.

a horse tied to a post

And then it was time for some grooming.

He doesn’t have much of a winter coat this year. This is probably because he has worn his blanket ever since it started getting cold. But even his neck hair isn’t too long yet.

His mane is growing, and even though it was fun to do the roached mane, I am now in the process of getting that Mohawk to lie down. (I have a video in the works for that too.)

a horse standing by a gate with a blanket on

So after a little bit of walking and grooming, it was time to put his blanket back on. The temperature has dropped to 40 degrees now, so I don’t feel that he will get hot. And it will save me some time when I come back out to tuck them in for the night.


Well the sunset has taken away the last of the light, and its finally time to put the horses in for the night. But my planning earlier makes this chore easy. I just have to put the full hay nets into their stalls, and bring them their nightly feed.

horses in an open barn

Ethan already has his blanket on, and Frisby….well, lets just say Frisby has managed to remove the buckles from his blanket (it’s not torn thankfully) and he has a a decent winter coat. So no, Frisby doesn’t wear a blanket to bed. And I know he prefers it that way.


And with the horses tucked in for the night, now I can get cleaned up and relax. After I make some dinner, and pick up the house a bit.

And while I did plan on sharing Sunday with you as well, it’s pretty much the same. Only with different projects. And we did end up having plans for Sunday when my son and his girlfriend came to visit.

a cute young couple smiling

Which is why it was good that I was able to get a lot done on Saturday, so I could have fun with the kids when they came over. And I didn’t feel stressed about what I had to get done.

That gives you a glimpse into my day.  Now not every day is like this. Sometimes its more, and sometimes it’s less. It just depends on what needs to get done. And like I have said before, we all have the same amount of time given to us each and every day. It’s how we chose to use that gift that will determine what we are able to accomplish.


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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