20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

Last Minute Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Well here we are in the last few days before Christmas is here! And thankfully, there is still time to find those special little gifts to fill a stocking. And if you are needing some ideas of what to get your favorite equestrian, I thought I would help you out by giving you some last minute ideas of stocking stuffers that will make Christmas merry for your horse lover!

I love making lists like this! It make me happy to be able to share things like this with you, and hopefully help you to come up with some great gift ideas for your favorite horse person, or even yourself!

And if you want to check out any of the items, just click on the title. That is a link that will take you to the place where you can buy these things. Happy equestrian stocking stuffer shopping!

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

Manna Pro Bite-Size Peppermint Flavored Nuggets, 4 lb


20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

This is just the right size of package to add to a stocking. And the treats may not be fancy, but horses love them. This is an affordable stocking stuffer at less than $6.00. And there is always room for horse treats!

Rubber Hoof Pick with Brush


20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

This is something I always seem to misplace. So having an extra hoof pick (or two) is always a helpful thing to have. And on Amazon they have lots of colors to choose from, and have Prime shipping. This means you will get your order just in time for Christmas! The purple one, like in the photo is the most affordable option at just over $5.00. I really like the rubber handle, and the size of this hoof pick. It works great, and is something your equestrian will use all the time.

Tail Tamers Rainbow Paddle Mane and Tail Brush for Horses

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

I cannot say enough how much I love this brush. It is the absolute best for not removing a lot of hair from your horses mane or tail. And at less than $10.00 this is a wonderful, and useful, stocking stuffer for your equestrian. This is my most favorite tail brush ever.

Sterling Essentials Leather Conditioner

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

I love this leather conditioner. It works great, and my leather has never been happier. This is a natural product and a little bit goes a long way. It is a little ore expensive, but it’s worth it. I have a small container of it that I got about 6 months ago, and it is only half gone. And it smells sooooo good!

Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

I should have put this one first, but it is the counterpart to the Sterling Leather Conditioner. And this leather cleaner is incredible. It is also all natural, and has a neutral pH level so it is safe for your expensive tack. It also works great on leather sofa’s. I know, I have used it on my leather sofa! It works great!

ChapStick Holiday Limited Edition Seasonal Flavored Lip Balm Tube

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

If you have horses (and even if you don’t) you can never go wrong this time of year with giving lip balm as a gift. And these fit perfectly into a holiday stocking. I like this pack because it has limited edition holiday flavors, like candy cane, sugar cookie, and pumpkin pie. They have summer flavors too!

SSG Soft Touch Gloves

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

And how about a nice new pair of gloves for the new year? Not only are these great for riding, but what about the upcoming show season? Not only are gloves a practical gift, but they are something they will actually use, a lot! And the SSG gloves are high quality, but not a huge price tag. They aren’t cheap, but at around $36.00 they are an affordable glove at exceptional quality.

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

And you have to protect your eyes right? So it makes sense that a fancy pair of sunglasses go into that stocking. And this company has a lot of different options to choose from. At less than $20.00, this would be a great gift idea for your equestrian.

Winter CC Confetti Warm Fuzzy Fleece Lined Thick Knit Headband

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

I am a big fan of fleece ear covers. Especially since I usually have my hair pulled back into a pony tail when I am out at the barn. And my ears get cold! Having a nice fleece ear warmer helps me to stay out with my horses longer during the winter. There are a lot of different colors to choose from, and with Prime shipping it will get here in time for Christmas!

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

Eventually our horses will begin to shed out their thick woolly coats, and having a tool to help get the job done will be very helpful! This is the original SleekEZ which helps to rid your horse of that thick winter coat. And it fits nicely into a stocking!

C4 Classic Belt Equestrian Bits n Pieces Pattern

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

I think this belt is the smartest invention ever, especially for equestrians. It is washable, and you can customize it in so many different ways that it can truly be a custom creation. And it comes in a really nice case that fits just right into a stocking. This is a gift that will be worn, and appreciated. And you don’t even have to know the correct size, one size fits most! I love my C4 belt.

Roma Goat Hair Face Brush

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

Does your horse lover have a face brush for their horse? If they don’t, they should! My horses love to have their faces brushed with a super soft face brush. And this Roma face brush is made using super soft goat hair. You could even customize the brush by adding an engraved name tag to it, or paint their name on it to personalize it.

Grooming Gloves

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

These grooming gloves are the best. You simply put the gloves on, and then groom your horse! And these are not the original, but they are about half the cost. The gloves can be used wet or dry and they really work great to get rid of excess hair. You can find them on Amazon for around $13.00 for this brand.

Jelly Curry Comb

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

I love these little jelly curry combs! They are soft, and would be a wonderful addition to a grooming box. And at less than $6.00, a great gift to throw into a stocking.

Breyer 3D Paint by Number Horse Craft Activity Set

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

This might be a little big for a stocking, but its really cool! This is a paint kit. And it includes a model horse, the paint, and everything you need to custom paint a Breyer horse. And I don’t think this is just for the young equestrians! I know I would love to customize a Breyer. I have done it before, but never using paint like this! And they have multiple kits to choose from. This one is less than $10.00.

Ariat Women’s Lineage Horse Knee High Socks

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

I actually have these socks, and I love them. They are very comfortable, and they stay up. They are perfect for cooler weather, and they are just so cute! And at less than $10.00 would be a great gift to include in a stocking.

Harry & Snowman, The Movie

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

If you want to inspire an equestrian, and they have access to the internet, and Amazon, this would be something unique to include. It’s a movie about Snowman, the horse that was bought at an auction for $80.00 and he went on to be an incredible show jumper. It really is a fantastic movie, and would be something fun to watch over and over again. There is a book too, it called The Eighty Dollar Champion.

Suffolk Hunter Bridle

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

Again, this might be a little big for a stocking, but it is a fantastic deal. And if you have a hopeful hunter you are buying for this would be a lovely gift. Its a hunter bridle that is affordable at less than $50.00. If you have a Dover Saddlery close by, you could even run out and see if they have it in the store and forget the shipping all together!

Horses Make Me Happy Block

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

This is something that would make me smile. A little wood sign letting everyone know how horses make me feel. I could just see this little block sign sitting on a shelf either in my barn, or in my dining room where I keep my gloves. A really neat decorator piece to add to an equestrian’s happiness!

We Ride Equestrian Block Sign

20 Stocking Stuffers Equestrians Will Actually Use

And here is another sign. It’s almost a collection of affirmations of why equestrians do what they do. But it is super cute, and I am confident any rider would love to have this in their stocking. I know I would!

20 Stocking Stuffers For Equestrians

Well, there you have it! 20 different things you could get for your favorite equestrian, and fill their stocking with! Now if you bought everything on this list, it would cost a lot. But buying 1 or 2 would simply be a wow factor for your equestrian. Or maybe yourself. You know, after the Christmas rush is over.

And if you order most of these items from Amazon today, when this post comes out, they will arrive in time for Christmas!!!!

I hope you found this list helpful and you get some ideas of what to put into your horse lover’s stocking, or under the tree. And as always, this post does contain affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase using a link that I have provided, I may receive a small commission from your purchase. This helps me to continue doing what I do here on my blog, and also on my YouTube channel. So in advance, thank you for your support!

And I wish you, and yours a very Merry and Joyful Christmas this year!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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    • Amy

      I absolutely love the ideas of the signs and the grooming gloves. My only suggestion with the grooming gloves is to go with handson gloves that retail about $25 – it is worth the extra expense. They are wonderful. That sogn by Primitives by Kathy that talk about how riding makes you feel – my husband bought that for me and it adorns my tackroom so I see it wvery single time I tack up and it reminds me of my purpose. This is a wonderful list!

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