Sometimes we run out of ideas of what to work on with our horses. And sometimes we could all benefit from a professional instructor. So I’ll say it. Sometimes we all need to think about getting professional help. But for this post, I’m referring to a professional riding coach.

However, it can be challenging to either get someone to your property, or to get your horse to a lesson. But thankfully, there are more and more options becoming a thing to help riders like us who have our horses at home.

And right now, Noelle Floyd is offering YOU the chance to not only try all of their Masterclasses, but also the opportunity to win some really fantastic prizes too! All you have to do is visit Noelle Floyd, and sign up for their FREE 30 day trial of the Equestrian Masterclass Membership! But you have to do this by the end of today, the challenge begins today, and today is the last day to sign up!!!! So go do it right now!

Noelle Floyd to the Rescue

I know I have talked about the Masterclasses made available by Noelle Floyd. And there’s a good reason for that. THEY WORK.

I have been so happy to have the opportunity to learn from all of the incredible horsemen and women that offer Masterclasses on Noelle Floyd. And if you haven’t heard of the classes, or want to learn a little bit more about what you can learn, keep reading.

Rich Fellers

Mr. Fellers is the latest addition to the line up of professionals for the Masterclasses. And he has 2, yes 2 Masterclasses available for you to watch. There is actually a challenge going on right now that is built around the Rich Fellers Method, more on that later in this blog post. And in his Masterclass, he teaches his method for caring and working with horses.

Watching these classes really helped me to not only realize I am doing the right thing by putting the care of my horses first, but he also has in depth lessons helping riders to learn some very achievable exercises that you can work on at your own barn.

I really enjoyed his classes, as well as his overall way of how he works with horses.

Tik Maynard

I think I have talked about Mr. Maynard before, but if you haven’t heard me talk about him, he is awesome. He is a very thoughtful trainer and considers the horse in all aspects of how he trains. I think he would be an English equivalent to Natural Horsemanship.

He gives practical tips that you can apply to your own situations with your horse. There are different video classes where he goes through how to help a spooky horse relax as well as how to understand your horse’s behavior and why he (or she) does what he does. This can be sooooo helpful when you are trying to get to the root of a problem!

Tik has 2 Masterclasses available at Noelle Floyd.

Tonya Johnson

Do you have difficulty with being consistent with your riding? I did! And if you do, you should really take this Masterclass. Tonya’s Masterclass gives you the tools to be a more consistent rider.

Sessions of this Masterclass start off by focusing on the mental aspect of riding and she teaches riders to develop mental strength and focus. She also shares her perspective on goal setting and strategies for success.

And just when you think that’s it for Tonya, she goes on to share ideas to help you gain better focus, breathing exercises and developing a pre-ride routine. All of which I found to be extremely helpful.

Dr. Jenny Susser

Now I know I have talked about Dr. Susser’s class because this one has helped me so much. This one Masterclass helped me to be able to recognize my anxiety, and come up with a plan to deal with it.

The Masterclass starts out discussing fear, and giving a true definition for what fear really is. She also breaks down the science of fear, which was fascinating to me.

And then after she really dives deep into dealing with fear and anxiety, she works with several riders and helps them to deal with the challenges they are having with their riding. These sessions were incredibly helpful to watch because I could really relate to the riders, and what they were going through.

Seriously, this Masterclass has changed the way I feel about riding, and working with my horses, and in a positive way. If you have anxiety, or fear issues related to your riding, I highly recommend watching this Masterclass first, and then going through the other ones.

Max Corcoran

Oh I was so excited when I saw this Masterclass! Max Corcoran is an incredible horsewoman who really knows all about horse care. She is a professional groom who has worked with top eventers, as well as being an accomplished rider. ANd in her Masterclass, she teaches horse care for all seasons.

I love this class, because I can back to it with every change of season. Like right now, even though it is 95 degrees outside, fall will be here before we know it. So I can go to her Masterclass and go over the fall season section again. We never stop learning, and each time I go back and watch a Masterclass, I always pick up something new.

And these are only a few of the professionals offering classes. There is also Missy Clark, Annette Paterakis, Archie Cox, Ian Millar, and more!

At the time of writing this, there are 15 Masterclass instructors. And each Masterclass has multiple video lessons, a workbook, and you have access to a private Facebook group where you can communicate with others. Noelle Floyd even has monthly Facebook live events where you can connect with the instructors.

This is My Method at Noelle Floyd

And like I said earlier, right now there is a challenge happening at Noelle Floyd. It’s called This is My Method. And it’s a challenge to help YOU create your own method for working with your horse. Not only will the challenge help you to come up with your own method, but you have an opportunity to win some fantastic prizes too! And we all know, I LOVE PRIZES!!!

Are you curious of what the prizes are? I know I was! Ok, here are the prizes they are giving away:

WOW right???? Not only do you get to try out the Equestrian Masterclass Membership for free, and have access to incredible instructors, but you can also win something for doing the challenge? Talk about a triple win.

And I have to tell you, I am not being sponsored by Noelle Floyd. They aren’t paying me to write a giant commercial for them. No. This is coming from my heart because these Masterclasses have helped me so much, and I know they can help others too. This is why I am sharing this with you. There are a lot of different ways that you can get professional help when you have your horses at home. And the Equestrian Masterclasses is just something that works really well for me, which is why I talk about it so much!

So if you are reading this on August 15th, go visit Noelle Floyd, and sign up for your free month AND the This is My Method Challenge. And over the next 30 days, we will be doing this together. Kind of cool actually, a challenge within a challenge!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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