ending for videoFirst off Welcome!

If you have been searching for ideas of how to make your own horse jumps and horse related ‘things’ you have come to the right place!

You can also check out my YouTube Channel for videos that walk you through building horse jump equipment step by step. And once you have done that, stop by the resources tab (coming soon) so you can get the best deals on all your horse related items.

black and red jumpI started out by building my own horse jumps, and building your very own horse jumps doesn’t have to be expensive, I will show you how to do it…along with a bunch of other DIY projects and horse product reviews.

I’m Glad You’re Here!

Thank you for taking your time to stop by. I am hopeful you will find some information that you can use for building your own jumps, or creating something yourself for your horse.

Horse Jump of the Month Club

And I have something super exciting coming in the near future, a membership portion of my website and it is going to give you new ideas each and every month on building jumps!

jump of the month club

The Horse Jump of the Month Club will give focused attention on how to really build up your own arena. I am in the planning phase right now, but this is what I am planning on including:

  • 2 complete horse jumps every month
  • Downloadable PDF instructions on what you need to build each jump of the month
  • Downloadable PDF with an image of the jump, along with the components you need to build it
  • A video of setting up the jump
  • A detailed video of how to build a component of the jump
  • A new jump course every month – to help give you ideas of different courses you can build with your jumps!

And once you are a member, you will have access to every month that is available. You aren’t limited to only one month, you will get access to everything that I have created!

horse jump of the month club

I have been thinking about creating this for a while now. If you are like me, you find yourself searching the internet for new ideas for horse jumps to create, but when you get out to your arena, you can’t remember everything you wanted to create. This will help you, because you can print out the cards, keep them in a folder and then pull out each individual card and construct the jump!

horse jump of the month club

And if you need help with coming up with jump courses, I will have a new one for you every month to help guide you in creating your very own jump courses!

Coming Soon!

Hopefully I will be able to give everyone access to this beginning in early March. I want to make sure there is plenty of information, courses and jumps available before I launch this portion of my website. So mark your calendars for  Friday March 2, 2018, and (fingers crossed) I will have it up and running!

I want to make this the coolest membership site possible, with lots of helpful information that you can really use to create your own beautiful jumps and courses. So if you haven’t signed up for my email list yet, please consider doing so! I am going to limit how many people I share this with at first, to make sure it is the absolute best of the best. So if you would like to get in on this, please sign up to get email notifications so you will know when it launches! Then you can be one of the few that gets to join The Jump of the Month Club!

horse jump of the month club