Riding Arena On A Budget

Update On Making A Riding Arena On A Budget

Well way back earlier in the year, I shared with you how I was planning on making a riding arena all by myself. Well, with the help of my husband. But not hiring anything done. We were doing everything by ourselves. And I thought I would share with you how my ‘homemade’ riding arena is working out. And that is what today’s post is all about.

Where This Started

I decided I wanted my own ‘real’ riding arena after I had been taking riding lessons for a while. It was so nice to ride in an enclosed arena. And I wanted to duplicate this for myself at home. Although I really want to have an indoor riding arena, that just isn’t an option where I live. I don’t have enough property or money to make that dream a reality. I reserve myself to be grateful and thankful for the space that I have.

diy riding arena

So we bought most of the things we would need (short of the gates) and got busy fencing in the new arena. We were able to get this done in a weekend. And then my husband moved the sand that I already had to encompass the entire area.

And then I bought some Moisture-Lok stuff to put into the arena to help keep the dust down.

riding arena update

And shortly after we built the arena, I ended up having surgery. So I didn’t get to use it like I had intended. But lets fast forward 6 months or so…..

The Arena Today

Today the arena is completely done. We added the last piece to the arena by adding in gates. I opted for 2 6 foot gates instead of one 12 foot gate. Partly because of the cost, and partly because I like the way it looks better. Each gate was $67.00, and then we added some extra hardware to help lock the gates in place. All in, we spent $158.00 to add the gates.

Riding Arena On A Budget

And we were able to get them up in an afternoon. When My husband and I work on projects together, it seems to take us twice as long as the recommended amount of time for a project. But that’s ok, it gives us something to do together.

Riding Arena On A Budget

We added gate stoppers to the gates, to keep the gates in place. And we secured this by adding some PVC into the ground so the ‘locks’ could be secured. This is really helpful to keep my horses out of the arena when I don’t want them out there. It is so nice to be able to keep them out just after I have spent an hour dragging the arena.

Riding Arena On A Budget

There is just something so beautiful about a freshly drug arena!

The Footing

I do need to get another load of sand. We thought about doing this when we put in the gates, but I decided I will wait. There is no sense bringing in sand just in time for the winter. Then I would have a beautiful arena taunting me when I can’t really use it. SO next spring we will order another 40 tons of sand for the footing.

how to diy a riding arena

What we have right now will get me through the winter.

I found a local supplier for the sand which will cost me about $350.00. Not too bad when you consider how much it will help with the foundation of my arena.

The Moisture-Lok Review

I was so excited to get this stuff. It’s suppose to help cut down the dust, and make the footing even better. I wish I could tell you it worked, but I’m not impressed. This addition added $450.00 in cost to my arena, and I didn’t notice that big of a difference. This is partly my fault. You see, I don’t have a hose long enough to drag out into the arena. I was limited to the type of moisture that falls from the sky. And this summer, there was not a lot of that. But if you have an arena that you want to keep damp, and you have adequate moisture, Moisture Lok might work for you.

how to improve your horse arena

And I do not want to take the time at this point in my riding to go out and water my arena every time before I ride. So hopefully the footing will be ok through the winter while I am working with Ethan. But I will not be buying more of the arena soil conditioner. For $450.00, I can buy a lot of sand to fill the arena with.

Overall Outcome

I am so happy that we decided to build this arena. It is so nice to be able to keep the horses out of it if I want too. It is also nice not to have to drag the arena and scoop poop before I ride. I can leave my jumps out if I want too, including the flowers without worrying the horses will destroy my pretty jumps.

building a riding arena on a budget

The cost of time and money was well worth it in my opinion. And if you have the means to make your own riding arena, I would encourage you to do so. I know you will be very happy if you do! If you want to see the entire process from idea to the process of building a riding arena, be sure to check out these blog posts:

Then you can see the entire process of what we went through to make this dream a reality. It wasn’t too difficult to make, and it was well worth it, in my opinion. Now all I have to do is tack up my horse, and weather permitting walk over to my very own riding arena, and ride!

Riding Arena On A Budget




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    • Dan

      Maintaining the correct soil composition is one of the most important tasks of maintaining an arena. With the health and authentic performance of your horses in the balance, making sure you have the very best in footing additives is a must for any equestrian.

    • Missy

      Thank you for thirst great articles. My daughter is gentling a mustang and we would love for her to have an outdoor arena. We are definitely on a budget so your information was so helpful! I am wondering how tall is your 3 panel fence? I love the look of it and am wondering if it is enough to fence a field with or if we will need an electric wire as well.

      Thank you!

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