The Ultimate Grooming Tote For Equestrians

Shopping For Horse Stuff

I love shopping for horse things. And finding a deal is even better. Which is what I wanted to share with you today. You see I got a postcard in the mail from Dover Saddlery, and it had an offer on it that I could not resist. If you spent $100, you could buy a Noble Outfitter large grooming tote filled with goodies for $50.

That got me curious, so of course I had to venture over to Dover’s and see what this was all about. And sure enough, when I saw the deal, I wanted it.

The Ultimate Grooming Tote For Equestrians

This is what is included in the deal:

  • Noble Outfitters Equinessential large grooming tote
  • A pair of Black Beauty Peddies Boot Socks
  • A pair of Best Dang Boot Socks
  • A wool beanie
  • fleece-lined wool mittens
  • Double-buckle belt
  • Noble Outfitters drawstring storage bag

The best part of this deal, right now it is only $50, after you spend $100. And they have the gift package until November 25, 2018, or until they run out of the bag. One thing that really grabbed my attention, besides all the free stuff, is the color. I am a sucker for anything in plum. And the bag is black and Merlot, aka plum. So when I saw this, I knew I had to have it.

What To Buy, What To  Buy

Now with it being late November, there isn’t a lot of stuff I need or really want when it comes to my horses. So I played around with my cart, adding and subtracting different things in order to reach the $100 minimum in order to get this grooming tote. It was no easy task. I finally decided on a bit, a new ear bonnet, a head setter device, some lip balm, and a couple of new hay nets. And finally my cart was over $100, so I added the grooming tote. And bingo-bango, I got the deal!

I was impressed with how fast they shipped it too. Dover has never been speedy about shipping from my experience. And their customer service is pretty low too, or well, it was. I think they are learning though. Because I ordered this on a Monday, and I got it in the mail by Thursday. Talk about fast! And they even provided my shipping confirmation, again something they usually fail to do.

Unboxing The Goodies

After I inspected everything I bought, I opened up the grooming tote. My first impression is WOW! This thing is awesome. The grooming tote is big. And it has 3 separate compartments to hold everything you could think of in the bag. But then on the outside, there are 9 separate pockets, 2 with Velcro closures around the outside of the bag itself.

And the bottom of the bag is mesh. So no more dirt, mud and horse hair filling the bottom of my grooming tote. Again, I am very impressed.

The Ultimate Grooming Tote For Equestrians

I have seen review videos on this tote, and everyone who has one loves it. And now I can see why. This is the ultimate equestrian grooming tote. 

But let me share with you the free things that were included…

Two pair of Noble Outfitters Boot Socks

The Ultimate Grooming Tote For Equestrians

A Noble Outfitters Wool Beanie….

The Ultimate Grooming Tote For Equestrians

Noble Outfitters Drawstring duffel…

The Ultimate Grooming Tote For Equestrians

Fleece lined wool mittens, soooo warm and cozy….

The Ultimate Grooming Tote For Equestrians

Double buckle belt….

The Ultimate Grooming Tote For Equestrians

This belt is awesome. It isn’t something I would have considered buying, and now I don’t have too! If you need a belt for the show ring, or are just looking for a tasteful belt, you should consider this one. But if like me, you are able to get the grooming tote deal, you won’t have to buy one because you will get it in the gift pack!

The Ultimate Grooming Tote For Equestrians

If you were to buy the tote separately, and all of the things you get for free it would cost you over $187.00, but that is if you can find the things they are offering. I searched for the beanie, mittens and even the belt and I couldn’t find where you could buy them separately. So it looks like the only way you can get all of these cool things is if you buy the gift tote through Dover’s.

The Ultimate Grooming Tote For Equestrians

And if you are looking for a smaller grooming tote, they do offer this package for the small grooming tote and you only have to spend $50 and you can get the small tote filled with goodies for $25. Not too bad right?

And Something Extra

The Ultimate Grooming Tote For Equestrians

And in addition to everything that comes in the grooming tote, Noble Outfitters also offers a free patch for you to customize your grooming tote! They have 20 different patches available. And all you have to do is go to their website, enter your information and choose your patch. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to get to you, but it’s free! And then you just attach it to the Velcro ‘N’ on the front pocket. I just ordered mine and will be sure to do a complete review of this grooming tote once I get my patch.

Going, Going, Gone

Sadly this deal will not last for long. And if you are reading this blog post after November 25, 2018 well, they grooming tote will be gone. BUT I did find it on Amazon, and it’s even less expensive than if you were to buy it on Dover’s website. You don’t get all of the freebies, but you still get the incredible Noble Outfitters grooming tote for less than $50. And I did find a few of the items on Amazon too. I have provided you some links, just in case you are searching for a great gift for your favorite equestrian.

And some of the shopping links are affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase through one of the links I have provided, I may receive a small commission from your purchase. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and it helps me to continue doing what I do on my website and YouTube channel. So thank you, in advance!

Seeing Is Believing

Ultimate equestrian grooming tote

And if you want to see it, I mean actually see the tote and everything I got, you can go to my YouTube channel, The Budget Equestrian and watch me open the boxes, and see everything I got. As well as my reaction. I think I said awesome about 30 times in the video.


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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