Ok, I need to preface this by letting you all know I bought these with a gift card I got for Christmas. So with one slight falter, I am still doing pretty well with my No Buy Year. However, I saw these brushes, and I was like “Oh yes, they will be mine…” And I had a Visa gift card, so I bought them.

And I am so glad I did!

What is a Finishing Brush?

A finishing brush is a soft style brush used to polish and finish the grooming process. And while I love all of my brushes, I was looking for the perfect face brush, as well as a little larger one for my horses faces. It isn’t completely necessary…. no wait, it is!

I love having a very soft brush for my horses faces. And having an extra brush or two never hurt anyone, right?

But in all seriousness, a finishing brush is a soft bristle brush that adds some extra shine to your horse without having to use any products. You just need to add in a little extra elbow grease to get to this point.

What is SP Rhodes?

SP Rhodes is a North American company that has some very swanky products. I found them while I was daydreaming over the WEF prizelist. And when I went to their site, and started looking around, I found this brush set:

SP Rhodes Finishing Brushes

And I was intrigued. So I clicked on the image, and then I found out you can customize these brushes, for free!

They have different images that can be put on the brushes, and you can also add text. All for free. So of course I had to play with their design tool.

And once I did that, and saw what it looked like, I was sold. I felt this was far better than anything I could DIY myself. It was just so cool! To be able to have personalized, high quality finishing brushes? Oh yeah, I need this.

I figured it was worth it. To have some really nice brushes that were solely for Plezant, and to have something personalized with his name on it made it seem like he is really mine. That part still hasn’t sunk in all the way that this incredible horse is truly mine.

Hopefully it will soon. But back to the brushes!

Getting The Brushes

I placed my order, and decided it would probably take a week or two before I got a confirmation that they had shipped. I mean, personalization usually takes some time right? Wrong! I placed my order around 6:00 AM. And by 10:30 AM I received a notification that my order had shipped! Talk about service!

About a week later my brushes came in the mail. They were actually supposed to be here on Friday, but when I checked the mail on Wednesday, the brushes were there. Talk about excitement!

They came in this awesome box:

And each brush was wrapped in paper. Nice touch.

But when I unwrapped them, I was so excited. The personalization was even better in person.

They are so beautiful!

It is like the image and Plezant’s name are carved into the brushes.

And not only is the personalization incredible, but the brushes are fantastic. The bristles are soft but very dense. So of course I had to take them outside and test them out.

Plezant isn’t too excited about my playing with his face still, but he is getting better. And he loves to be brushed. So this is a good thing.

And even both of my horses are very fluffy, the brushes worked really well. The smaller face brush is incredible. It did shed a little bit, but not too bad.

And even though these are Plezant’s brushes, I had to share the love with my Frisby boy too. Can you see how shiny they both are??!?!

SP Rhodes Finishing Brushes

All in I spent $70.99 for these personalized brushes, including shipping. The brush quality is fantastic, and SP Rhodes service is just as spectacular. In a world of shopping disappointments, it is so nice to actually be pleased with an online purchase.

I am so pleased with these brushes, and SP Rhodes. If there is something special I need, I will definitely see if they have it first. They have horse wear, name plates, halters, rider wear, saddle pads and of course horse brushes. They are also the official award supplier for WEF, which I think says a lot.

So if you are looking for something extra special for your extra special equine, I would highly encourage you to check out SP Rhodes. I think you will be very happy you did!


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