Since I have been riding a lot and working with both of my horses pretty much daily, I have really put my breeches, bonnets, saddle pads and saddles to the test. 

a tack room with a just riding package

And some other things too that are definitely worth mentioning. Don’t you love when you find something that works soooo great, that you share it with everyone?

I have found some really fantastic things during my challenge. And some of these products have totally blown my socks off so much I wanted to share them with you.


Breeches can be really expensive. But sometimes, if you are stubborn, and persistent you can find them at a great price. Well, lets say a much better price than full price! And right now I have two pair of breeches that have really made me say ‘wow’ in my riding over the past few weeks. One is made by Ariat, and one is by Fits. They are both fantastic breeches, even when it is 90 degrees outside.

And breeches can be really expensive, especially for the name brands. Which is why I am really hoping my Just Riding package might be holding a pair of Equiline breeches. I just can’t justify spending that much money on a pair of breeches. But if I got them in my mystery package, I would be sooo happy!

a package in a tack room

Ariat Women’s Triumph Knee Patch Breeches

Challenge Day 15- My Favorites

I got these from Riding warehouse a few months ago, when they were having a 20% sale, and the breeches were on clearance. They normally cost $219.00, BUT these are an older model, so they are on the clearance rack at Riding Warehouse. and add the 20% discount on top of the clearance price and you can get yourself a fantastic deal on a very nice pair of breeches.  And the good news is they still have some! The quality of these breeches is like nothing I have ever worn before. These breeches have a European nylon stretch twill body, and then also a soft-shell knit along the sides and a Stretch Clarion knee patch. 

Challenge Day 15- My Favorites

They allow full range of motion whether you are in the saddle, or on the ground. They are comfortable and flattering.  And there is even extra support at the calf and ankle which prevents bunching or pinching. And it really does work.

They are so comfortable, and so far have worn really well. If you are fortunate enough that Riding Warehouse has them in your size, you should get a pair (or two) they are that good.

FITS Free Flex Full Seat Breech

Ok, I had wanted to try these breeches because there was some YouTuber that was raving about them and saying how these are the only breeches she will wear because they are that good. And when I looked them up online, they were REALLY expensive, like $161.00 on clearance. But I did find them for $99.00 on Stateline Tack. They have them in black and white, but they don’t have all sizes, so just check and see if they have your size.

Challenge Day 15- My Favorites

I got them in black, and although they are not the most flattering breech for my body, they are comfortable. And I have read some reviews that said these are crap, but then I read reviews that the were great, so I guess we all have different ways that we look at things. But my thoughts are they are nice, BUT if you are riding a lot, and its really hot, the full seat really holds moisture. After riding when it was 90 degrees outside, and then working in the barn, I literally was a hot mess. But I would say these are nice breeches for at home and schooling.

The full seat is a “flex leather like” fabric. That works pretty well for giving you some stick in the saddle. The material is really nice, and actually adds a little compression to your legs. And the leg openings are a sort of a mesh material making them fit nicely in your boots.

fits full seat breeches

Now the image above is not the breeches I bought, but I wanted to show you what the seat looks like, very nice! This is the FITS full seat breeches in white.
And one thing I really like about these breeches is the crotch – there are no seams, so no rubbing in this area. Very nice if you are riding a lot.
I think if you can find them for $99.00 or less, they are really worth it.

Lemieux Loire Luxury Satin Close Contact Saddle Pad

I was shopping in Dover’s one day, and I saw this saddle pad. It was so pretty! I went and picked it up, and I was like, WOW. This is a gorgeous saddle pad.

Challenge Day 15- My Favorites

This pad features woven satin fabric that has a lovely sheen. A soft memory foam filled suede collar supports the front of the saddle to provide stability while textured leather over the girth area ensures durability. The contoured shape keeps pressure off the spine and withers as it also assists keeping your saddle securely in place. 

And it is really pretty, which of course was why I was drawn to it, but when I put it on Frisby, it was like this pad was custom made to fit him, and my saddle. 

Challenge Day 15- My Favorites

I rode in it for about 45 minutes and when I took it off of Frisby, he wasn’t sweat underneath the pad. He was at his girth, but not under the pad. I love that about the LeMieux pads. 

And the good thing is, Riding Warehouse has it! Riding Warehouse has it for the best price, $85.95. And if you can wait until Labor Day, Riding Warehouse typically has a sale where you get 20% off. So it might be a good idea to wait until Labor Day to make an order, that’s what I’m waiting for. I’m making a wishlist of things I want and/or need that I will order over that 3-day weekend so I can save a little bit of money.

Heave Ho Supplement For Horses

Frisby has heaves. And he has really been coughing a lot since I have really been making him work. So much so that I stopped riding him for longer than 15 minutes, and only at a walk.

Challenge Day 15- My Favorites

But this problem has been around for a long time and I finally decided it was time to see if there was anything I could do to help him. And I saw this product a year or so ago, and I have really wanted to try it. But the cost kind of scared me away. It’s $68.95 for a 30 day supply. Yikes, that is a lot of money to be spending each and every month. But with how he has been coughing, I decided to give it a try.

Now I was a little disappointed that it takes 14 days to relieve symptoms, you know, I would really like to see instant results. However, for Frisby it didn’t take 2 weeks. I have been using it for about 10 days, and I am happy to report Frisby is cough free! This stuff works!

Challenge Day 15- My Favorites

I have tried loads of other supplements that say they can reduce coughing, cough free, Histall H, finish line air power, you name it I think I have tried it. But none of them got rid of the coughing until Heave Ho. So far so good, and I will wait to canter him until he has been on the supplement for a full 2 weeks to really see if it works. But like I said, so far it is working. It is working!!!! I will have to do a full review of it if it makes the coughs go away for good.

Sharing My Experience With You

With so many products available to try out, it can be overwhelming and challenging to find what will work best for you and your horse. Which is why I like sharing my favorite finds with you.

Challenge Day 15- My Favorites

How about you? Do you have any horse products that you rave about, and have changed your riding for the better? I would love to know what your favorites are, so share your favorites below, please!


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