I have been on the hunt for a pair of denim breeches ever since I bought the horrible so called denim breeches online way back in February. And I saw the Piper denim breeches and thought maybe these would be good to try.

I don’t think I wrote about it here, or told you about the awful, terrible so called breeches (aka clown pants) that I wasted money on. But I did make a video about them. Let’s just say they were the most awful thing I have ever spent my money on.

And they weren’t cheap either. With shipping, I spent $47.00 on a pair of clown pants. I’m still not happy about that. Just in case you were wondering, I bought them from a company called PantsHouse. I would highly discourage you from buying anything from this company. They are mostly on Facebook. So if one of their ads makes it way into your feed, steer clear!

I did find out that these were a poorly made copy of Animo denim breeches.

Piper Denim Breeches Review

But the lowest price for a pair of their breeches is currently $199.00. So yeah, not in my budget.

SmartPak To The Rescue

But as I was perusing my inbox about a week ago, I noticed an email from SmartPak with a sale on their Piper breeches. They were 40% off, and well, I love a sale so I figured I would go look and see what they had available.

I haven’t ever bought a pair of Piper breeches but they seem to be very popular with lots of riders.

And then I saw it, they had their Piper Breeches for 40% off, which took the cost down to $43.00 and I was like yep! I’m going to buy them!

Piper Denim Full Seat Breeches

Piper Denim Breeches Review
photo from SmartPak

Ok, I don’t look like this no matter how hard I try. But I wanted you to see the breeches from a professional photographer. As soon as I put anything on, it gets dirty. So I thought it would be best to show you the breeches as SmartPak intended you to see, clean and awesome looking.

Piper Denim Breeches

But I do want to show you them in real life. So while these pictures aren’t really Instagram material, this is me, and my every day life of being with horses. This way you can see the breeches really being worn.

Piper Denim Breeches

First, they are very comfortable. I was really happy with how they fit. From the reviews, the tend to run small, at first. So the recommendation is to go up a size. I followed that advice, and I am really happy with how they fit.

They are 97% cotton, 3% spandex. So they do have a little bit of stretch. And they are easy to care for. They are washable, and then you just hang them to dry. I just need to make sure my husband doesn’t do the laundry. Otherwise my fancy new denim breeches will end up in the dryer.

Piper Denim Breeches

I like a full seat on the breeches I wear. It helps to give a little extra ‘stick’ when I am in the saddle. Which in turn gives me a more secure seat. And honestly, I will take all the help I can get when it comes to having a secure seat!

And there is no seam on the inner leg to rub on my saddle, I really like that.

They have 2 decent sized pockets in the front which will hold an iPhone 10 securely. The back pockets are half cut away because of the full seat. But I don’t really use the back pockets. So for me, that isn’t a deal breaker.

SmartPak Piper Denim Breeches – Yay or Neigh?

While I haven’t had them very long, I am really happy with these breeches.

Piper Denim Breeches

The only thing that I’m not crazy about is the low rise. If I could, I would make them in a regular rise. But I always wear a belt, so this helps. I do find myself trying to pull them up more than I do my other breeches. But that’s ok, I will always just make sure to have my belt on.

They are very comfortable, fit well, and I got them at a great price. So if you are looking for a pair of denim breeches, I think these would be a good choice. I typically wear jeans all the time when I am out with my horses anyway. So being able to have a denim breech? Heck ya!


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    • Lisa

      I have been looking for denim breeches also. I can not afford the expensive ones either. I hate low rise. I’m a curvy lady and quite frankly low rise does not look good on me. I do like Kerrit’s flow rise riding tights. They sit at the waist and are very comfortable. Maybe you can review them sometime.

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