I have found my new favorite matchy-matchy set for Plezant. And I am super excited, because it fits in to my color scheme in my barn. I know, priorities right?

Being Bored

One thing I have noticed, since being on lock down (that sounds like the opening line for a movie) is that I spend a lot of time on the internet. Sometimes I’m looking up recipes, or watching my Masterclasses. But a lot of the time, I end up randomly surfing my favorite online equestrian retailers.

And I happened to go to Dover Saddlery’s website and I saw they were having an awesome sale on some things. And I already have enough stuff, but I started browsing anyways.

I Love A Good Deal

When I start looking, I always change the selection tool to start with the lowest price items, and then work my way up. You never know when you can find a great deal right? And well, while I was scrolling, I found a really cool saddle pad color by accident.

My New Favorite Matchy-Matchy

And it was on clearance for $9.99! Now that’s a deal. And yes, I have a lot of saddle pads. But, I don’t have a blue saddle pad. So this definitely was something I was thinking of buying.

Matchy-Matchy Right?

I also noticed that they were having a sale on their brand of ear bonnets. They just happened to have the same colors in the ear bonnet that matched the saddle pad I found.

My New Favorite Matchy-Matchy

Ok, so this got me really excited. I started thinking about how nice the blue would look on Plezant. And then I started to think how awesome it would be to have it personalized.

So I put the pad and bonnet in my basket, and then played around with the different personalization options Dover’s has. And that was it. I was sold.

Typically I wouldn’t do personalization, but when Plezant came to me, he cam with his own personalized pad, and I really liked that. I also thought it would take a long time to get the pad and bonnet to me, because it was personalized. But I guess not a lot of people are doing a lot of personalized shopping right now. So after I completed my purchase, it only took a week for me to get my new treasures in the mail.

Talk about service! But I must say, after I received notification that my treasure had shipped, the week it took to get to me seemed like forever!

Personalized Unboxing

Opening up the package, and seeing the saddle pad and matching bonnet was so awesome. These things are gorgeous!

And seeing how it has been personalized, just like I wanted, was the best part.

I really like the colors, so pretty!

Fashion Show Try On

I was so excited to try them on Plezant. When I saw the colors, I was fairly certain it would look nice on him. And I think I was right!

Look at him!

I think the blue looks really nice on him. I’m really glad I decided to get this set. It was really affordable too. The saddle pad ended up costing $8.96 + $15.95 for the personalization, and the ear bonnet was $14.36 + $8.95 for the monogram. All in I spent $47.22. I was able to get 10% off because of my USEF membership. And right now Dover’s is offering free shipping on all orders. So that was a definite plus.

I really thought because of the personalizing and the free shipping, it would take at least 3 or 4 weeks to get to me. Talk about surprising to get it in a week! That was impressive Dover’s! Keep it up!

My New Favorite Matchy-Matchy

I have to say this is by far my favorite matchy-matchy set for Plezant. And getting it for less than $50.00 was definitely a good thing. But if you are looking to make your own matchy matchy set, I wrote a blog post explaining how I was able to dye an ear bonnet to match a saddle pad I bought. So if you are wanting to dye an ear bonnet, or saddle pad, to match something else, you should check out that post.

Matchy - Matchy DIY

But for right now, I am going to go ride Plezant in his new matchy-matchy, and see if I can get my husband to take some photos for me. I know there will be a matchy-matchy photo class sometime in the next few months. And I want to have a picture (or 10) of my riding Plezant to choose from!

Happy shopping, and Happy Riding! And good luck finding your own new favorite matchy-matchy!


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