Oh wow. It has take me over 3 years to get this book done, but I have finally completed it! And not just in the sense that the words are written, but in the sense that it is just about ready to be launched to the public!

Low Cost Bridle Rack

I had really intended on getting this book done and out in 2017, and then 2018. But I kept pushing it to the side. “I’ll do that later…..” seemed to be my mantra. But it is finally done!

Budget Equestrian DIY Tack Room Projects

I have taken some of my more popular DIY projects for the tack room and put them all together in one book. And after I created some of these projects, I went back and revisited them to make small tweaks and improvements. This means I have remade these items time and time again. I have been creating and crafting them to be as easy as they can be for you, to be able to make for yourself.

Some of the projects included in this book are:

  • Wall Mounted Saddle Rack
  • Shedding Block Tool
  • Portable Saddle Rack
  • Fancy Bridle Rack
  • Easy Horse Blanket Hanger
  • Hitching Post
  • DIY Shedding Tool
  • Wall Mounted Saddle Pad Rack
  • Wall Mounted Horse Boot Hanger
  • Saddle Stand
5 DIY Projects That Will Help Save (Or Make You) Money With Horses

And much, much more! All of the projects in this book are geared toward making furniture for your tack room which will help you keep it organized, as well as looking fantastic.

a small yet tidy tack room

The last chapter of my book is my favorite. I show you a complete blueprint and floor plan for a tack room makeover using the projects in this book, including turning an indoor closet into a tack locker! I did this because sometimes you don’t have a tack room that you can makeover for yourself, especially if you are boarding your horse.

Easy Afternoon Projects

Our time with our horses is precious. And if you are spending days or even weeks making improvements to your tack room, it can be frustrating. Because you are working in your workshop instead of spending time riding your horse.

How To DIY A Mounting Block

But, depending on how motivated you are, most of these projects can be competed in an afternoon. And some can be done in an hour or two. And once you have created a portable saddle rack, or a bridle hanger and put it to use, you will actually be getting more time with your horse. I say this because if you are organized, and have a plan of before you ride, you actually will save time, and have more time to be with your horse.

So none of the projects take very long to make, and they will save you time in the long run.

Tack Room Makeover Time!

Have you ever spent time on Pinterest scrolling through ‘dream tack rooms’ and wishing that yours looked like it belongs on this page? Well, if you were to complete all of the projects in this book, you would have a tack room that dreams are made of!

making over a tack room

You will be able to designate space for all of your tack, and come up with floor plan that is organized and helps you to really utilize the space that you have to in order to come up with an effective system that not only gives all of your tack and gear a home, but looks great too.

I have done makeovers time and time again on my tack room and little red barn. I am not afraid to try something, and if it doesn’t work, try something else. The research was fun, and I have put it into practice and determined what works and what doesn’t. So the hard work has been done, now you will have a tool to do it for yourself. A blueprint, in a way, if crafting the tack room of your dreams. Ad who knows, one day someone might be pinning your tack room to their Pinterest collection!

DIY Tack Room Projects Book – Coming Soon!

The book is just about ready to be available for purchase. But I wanted to talk a little bit about it here first, because I am just so happy with how it has turned out. And I hope you will feel the same way.

horse shedding tool

The book will be available to purchase on Friday, November 29, 2019. Black Friday! And because I am going to make it available on Black Friday, I have to make it an incredible deal right? So for a very limited time, I will be offering the book for a lower price than it will normally be.

I will keep you updated here, and I might even share an excerpt or two from the book, so you can see a head of time what is in this book.

diy tack trunks

I am really excited about this project, and even more excited that I might be able to help you have the tack room of your dreams. So get ready to make over your tack room, come up with your plan, and come back on Black Friday for your book! I can’t wait to share this with you!

So excited!


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