Making a plan with Lynda

Visiting With Lynda

Welcome back to another episode of Budget Equestrian, the podcast! And today I am so happy to have my horsey friend Lynda as my guest. And I wanted to bring Lynda on today to kind of continue on the topic of having an accountability partner.

You see Lynda is just as busy as I am. She also has her horses at home. But she has a lot more property, and one more horse than I do. So everyday she has 3 horses to care for, and she spends even more time commuting to work than I do. And she is also working on her advanced wound care certification. We both seem to be pushing our education forward in our chosen field of nursing, which is wound management in the orthopedic patient population.

Making Our Horses A Priority

So we both have very full plates, but also want to make more time to work with our horses, which is what we are going to talk about today. My goal is for us to motivate each other to get out there and ride our horses!

Questions for Lynda

So I had a bunch of questions to ask Lynda. And she was such a good sport! She didn’t know ahead of time the questions I was going to ask her. And I loved her answers! So here are the questions that I asked her:

  • We are both very busy people, right? And having horses at home is awesome, in my opinion. What do you just love about having your horses at home?
  • What do you find to be your biggest challenge of having your horses at home?
  • What do you want to work on with your horses?
  • I found that paying for riding lessons, it really made my weekly lesson more of a commitment. I was paying for the chance to learn, and to ride, and it instilled a habit in me that every Thursday, I would go to a lesson. What do you think about paying ourselves to ride? Meaning saving money away, would you be willing to do that? And how much are you willing to save? But make it realistic, like what you would pay for ‘real’ lessons!
  • Ok, now that we are both going to commit to paying for a weekly lesson, we need to choose a day that we are going to ride and commit to that. I am going to plan on having my lesson on Saturday’s, at 2:00PM. How about you? When will you plan your riding time?
  • Now that we have established all of that, the money that we save each month for our ‘lessons’ that money will be tagged for something we really want related to our horses. For example, I have a new obsession with Le-Mieux saddle pads and ear bonnets. So I am going to save my money for that each month!

Making Our Horses A Priority

  • What would you really like to get to use with your horses?
  • Think of a long term goal, where would you like to be with your riding by next June?
  • Now think smaller, and something to work on getting you toward your long term goal. Where would you like to be by January 2019?
  • And since we both need to have someone hold us accountable for what we are doing with our horses, how about we do this on a monthly basis, and we can talk about how we are doing, and what we are doing with our horses?

Making Our Horses A Priority

And that is it for the interview with Lynda. How about you? Do you need an accountability partner to move you forward with your riding? If you do, commit to us, and yourself! And join Lynda and I every month as we go over what we are working on, and our goals for the month. And if you would like to know how Lynda answered all of the question’s, you’ll just have to listen to the podcast!

Come Join Us!

And if you are looking for an accountability partner to get in more riding time with your horse, why not join Lynda and I? And I don’t want to make it hard for you. This month is easy, just make a commitment to yourself, and your horse that you will ride once a week. Remember, you have 168 hours every week, I am sure you can carve out at least 1 of those hours to ride your horse each week, don’t you think?

Making Our Horses A Priority

And sign up for the podcast so you can follow along with us as we start our journey into our horse filled future!


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