Let's Work On Two Point Position

Confident Rider Challenge Day 28

Oh my goodness, I am cutting it close this evening! I never seem to have enough time in the day, even when I get an extra day or two off from work. There is always so much to do, on a normal schedule. But then add in writing a blog post every day, creating a video every day, working with horses every day and adding a podcast. And well, that is extra busy. But it’s ok, it is so worth it!

I am so happy that I have been able to stick with this challenge. And it really has been a challenge, don’t you think? And the biggest benefit I have gotten is that I have been able to find the time every day to work with my horses! And today, I got to work with Frisby and worked on my two point position. Talk about a challenge.

Let’s Talk About Two Point

What the heck is two point anyway? A two point position is when you only have two points of contact with the saddle. Normally, we ride in a full seat, or three point position, meaning you have three points of contact in the saddle. Your two knees (or legs) and your rear end.

Let's Work On Two Point Position

But to do a two point position you rise your rear end out of the saddle, so that only your knees are still in contact.

Being in a two point position helps your horse by you giving back to him by removing your weight from the seat of the saddle and transferring it to your legs and heels. Your heels carry most of your weight in a two point position. This is especially helpful when your horse is galloping, or going over a jump.

But there are more benefits to learning how to do two point correctly.

The Rider Benefits From Two Point

When you rise your seat out of the saddle, and transfer that weight to your heels, you will be using your core, or center muscles. If your core is weak, riding in a two point position can help a lot over time. It also helps you to stay balanced in the saddle and it can really help you to strengthen your leg position while it also helps to keep you from gripping with your knees. And if you do a lot of two point, your heel position will improve because all of your weight is being carried in your heels.

Let's Work On Two Point Position

I can attest to this. My trainer would have me do a lot of two point throughout each lesson. And while my strength is lacking from being out of the saddle for 3 months, it is returning thanks to the two point position. The more you practice it the better you will be, I promise!

How To Do A Two Point Position In The Saddle

To get into a two point position, drop your heels and your weight into your heels as you rise slightly out of the saddle. You don’t want your butt sticking up in the air, because this will throw you forward. You just want your seat out of the saddle enough to be clear of the seat.

Let's Work On Two Point Position

You need to keep your hip and your heel in alignment as you raise out of the saddle. This will help keep you balanced over the center of the saddle. And you won’t be too far forward or too far back.

You want to push your shoulders back, and down while you are putting all of your weight into your stirrups.

Let's Work On Two Point Position

And it’s really important to keep your knees relaxed. You don’t want to grip with your knees. Because of you do, you will throw your center of balance forward, and you will lose your leg position.

Let's Work On Two Point Position

It may sound challenging, but with practice you will get better and better.

You can start at the halt, and then work up to the walk, and then the trot, and so on.

Daily Challenge

Let's Work On Two Point Position

So, for day 28 I challenge you to try a two point position. And then see if you can walk one side of your arena in two point. If you have mastered this, try two point at the trot. And you can make it an even bigger challenge by doing rising trot on the short sides of your arena, and then two point on the long sides of the arena.

It won’t be easy at first, but the more you do this, the better you will be. So keep working, and keep riding. And be sure to come back tomorrow for another challenge!



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