A few months ago, I participated in Noelle Floyd’s Master Your Mindset challenge. And I have to tell you, it totally changed my perspective to working with Plezant. This one Masterclass helped me to really be more confident with him, as well as validate my own abilities. If you are having confidence issues, I would highly encourage you to give the Masterclass Membership a try. It is so worth it.

Just Riding Mystery Box

But that is not what I wanted to talk about today. No, I wanted to share with you my prize that I bought to reward myself.

Just Riding Mystery Box

At the beginning of May, when I had just started the challenge, I wanted to reward myself (because that’s how I roll) to give to myself once I had completed the challenge. And while I had intended on walking 100 miles with my horse, that didn’t happen – more on that later, I found that the Master your Mindset challenge was much more appropriate for me, so I went with that.

And to reward myself after a month-long process of working with Plezant, I decided on a giant Mystery Box from Just Riding.

Just Riding Mystery Box

If you have never heard of Just Riding, they are a UK based company, that does ship to the US. I love that! This give us in the US an opportunity to get some really fabulous things for ourselves, and our horses that are abroad.

just riding mystery boxes

And something really unique about Just Riding is they have these Mystery boxes. I usually end up buying one once a year. And again, it’s because I am rewarding myself for a job well done in a challenge I committed to doing. They have three different boxes:

And with the conversion rate the way it is right now, a $200.00 box equals out to around $221.00. And this is the box I chose for my reward.

What Came in the Box

And in the past, when I have ordered a mystery box, it has come in a big mailing envelope, but not this time! This time I got an ‘official’ box! I was super excited to say the least. And after I opened it, I was just as excited!

Oster Stiff Brush ($15.00)

This is a brush that I have seen, but never bought. It’s a stiff bristle brush that works well to removes sweat, deep dirt, and crud from your horses coat.

Just Riding Mystery Box

I really like the hand hold portion of the brush. It makes it easy to hold while using the brush. The bristles are really firm and they help to get the ground in dirt off.

Lemieux Fleece Line Comfort Halter ($16.50)

Just Riding Mystery Box

I love everything about this halter. And again, this is something I haven’t bought for myself. But I’m glad it was in the surprise box!

Montar ESS Breeches ($158.00)

Just Riding Mystery Box

My heart gets happy when I get a new pair of breeches. Especially when they are so fancy! I have one other pair of Montar breeches, and I really like them. I also got them from Just Riding back in April when they were having a Facebook live event. And the ESS breeches are very nice. The fabric is super stretchy. And they are very comfortable. They have a high waist, which I like much better than the low rise breech.

Just Riding Mystery Box

I think the sizing runs a little small, because these are tight. I can typically wear an American size 12 breeches comfortably, but the Montar brand runs a little small in my opinion. But I still really like these breeches. I just have to loose a few pounds (or maybe inches) to have them fit really well.

Comodo Technical Socks ($15.00)

technical socks for equestrians

My collection of boot socks rivals my bonnet and saddle pad collection. And these Comodo technical socks are an excellent addition to my collection! The are super cute, as well as comfortable.

Parlanti Boot Cream ($30.00)

This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. My Ariat tall boots are really starting to show their age. The leather was starting to loose it’s color, and they were not as beautiful as they once were. But after only one application of this cream, and they look fabulous again!

Dyon saddle pad

And the boot cream gives a little bit of stick to the leather, so it helps keep my leg a little more in place in the tack. I really like that!

Acavallo Gel Bit Guards ($25.00)

I have been thinking about getting bit guards, but just hadn’t done it yet. And I was really glad to see these in the mystery box. I was wondering how difficult it would be to get them over the rings of the bit. But I am happy to report they are super stretchy, and not to hard to put on.

Just Riding Mystery Box

The bit guards are very helpful to keep the ends of the bit from pinching your horse’s mouth, And they also help to keep the bit centered and straight in your horses mouth.

Dy’on Saddle Pad ($70.00)

I got a new saddle pad for my collection! This is a very nice cotton all purpose saddle pad, and it has a Dy’on logo on one side. The navy blue color is so perfect for Plezant.

Just Riding Mystery Box

He looks good in Navy blue! And the underside of the pad has a waffle type material to help prevent the pad from rubbing or irritating his coat. The pad works really well with his half pad, so I can see myself using this pad a lot in the future.

Just Riding Mystery Box

Was the Mystery Box a Good Deal?

So if you were to add up the retail cost of each item, it would come to around $350.00, and it cost me $221.00! Not to bad of a return on my investment right? And even better is that every item I got I love, and will definitely put to use! I love everything they sent me.

Just Riding Mystery Box

And this is why I enjoy the mystery boxes so much. The last time I ordered one I got a really cool Equiline hat, as well as a slinky shoulder protector for under the blanket which fits Plezant perfectly. And I got a Montar sweater and pullover for myself. So each time I have ordered a mystery box, I have gotten incredible products that I love.

house of montar sweater

And honestly, probably never would have purchased on my own because let’s face it, I can’t even entertain the idea of being able to afford things from Equiline or Animo. But when I order a Mystery Box, I have the chance that I might get something!

It’s probably so special because I don’t so it all the time. Only once a year, and only after I have met some goal that I have set for myself.

riding a horse English

So now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go use all my new stuff, and go work with Plezant!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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