June Saddle Box Unboxing

The Best Surprise In The Mail

I love this time of the month, because this is when my monthly Saddle Box is delivered to my home! I have subscribed to a lot of different monthly equestrian boxes, and I think that Saddle Box is my favorite. And this month was no exception!

If you are new to my blog, or have never heard of Saddle Box, well it is a monthly subscription box that you can get delivered to your home each month. It costs $34.99 a month, and includes priority shipping. Each month the box has between 5 and 7 items all related to horses, and the people who love them. They even offer a gift subscription option. So if you are looking for a gift any horse owner would love to receive, you should check them out.

And if you would like to find out more of what actually comes in a Saddle Box, keep reading.

June Saddle Box Unboxing

For the month of June, I was so happy with what came in the Saddle Box this month. Mostly for one product in particular, but I will discuss that later. So lets go over what this months box included.

June Saddle Box Unboxing

But before I go over that, something I love that they have been doing lately is choosing a horse ambassador of the month. And this month they chose 3 horses. This is so cool! If you would like for you and your horse to have the chance to be a Saddle Box ambassador of the month, just tag them in an Instagram or Facebook photo. You never know, they might select you!

And I do want to let you know that I have included some affiliate links in the descriptions of the products. I am not an affiliate of Saddle Box, I just love what they have which is why I am sharing that with you. But I do have affiliate links for the products and if you do choose to use them I do receive a small commission which does help me with my blog, and of course horse treats for my horses.

Hope From The Heart Of The Horse Book

June Saddle Box Unboxing

This is a fantastic book. And not only because it’s about horses, but because it gives a plan for every day life. Do you have problems, and when you’re with your horse all of those problems go away? What if you could transfer that to your job, your family, etc? You can, and this book can help!

This book is not something I would have bought, because I don’t go out of my way to buy books. But after reviewing this book, I would. It is a great book, and would make a great gift for your horse friends. It has a retail value of $17.95. And I love that Saddle Box included books in their boxes.

Epona April Showers Horse Sponge

June Saddle Box Unboxing

This is a very nice sized sponge. Ok, it’s HUGE! It is vacuum packed, so it will increase in size once it is open. It is made by Epona, which I love all of their products. But what’s nice about the April Showers Horse Sponge is the way that it is shaped. The middle portion in narrow, making it easy for you to grip the sponge.

The retail cost of this sponge is $10.99, but I know you can find it for less. I am not a huge sponge person, but I do like how this sponge is shaped. And when I need it for bathing, this will be the sponge I use. Or, you could cut it and use it for cleaning your tack? There are a lot of options, which I love even more!

Mane And Tail Shampoo – 12 oz. Bottle

June Saddle Box Unboxing

I am sure you have heard of Mane and Tail shampoo before. And I would be willing to bet, some of you have used it on yourself. I have. It’s great shampoo! And If it is good enough for me to use on myself, then it is good enough for my horses.

This is a 12 ounce bottle of shampoo, and it retails for $7.33. This size bottle will last a long time, even if you bathe your horse a lot. The shampoo is very concentrated. I can use it in my fancy sprayer I got from eZall. It just takes a squirt or two of shampoo, and mix it with about 4 ounces of water and then add it to the sprayer. I should be able to make this bottle of shampoo last a long time, especially since I don’t usually bathe my horses very often.

Pyranha Water Based Fly Spray

June Saddle Box Unboxing

It’s summer time, and I am always going to be happy about getting a bottle of fly spray. This Pyranha fly spray seems to work pretty well. It does have pesticides in it, not my first choice, but it works.

This is a 4 ounce size bottle which would fit great in a show kit. I can’t find the retail value of this small size bottle though. A quart size bottle will cost you about $20.00.

Fiebings 4 Way Leather Conditioner

June Saddle Box Unboxing

This is nice to have. This is a leather conditioner that I can use on my boots, bridles, saddles, and well anything else that I have that is leather. I have been getting a lot of Fiebings products in subscription boxes lately, and they are good products. This isn’t an oil, it is sort of a milk like consistency. It doesn’t take very much of the product to add a layer of conditioner to the leather. But this should not be used on suede, or rough out leather. It does say that it can darken lighter leather, so be careful if you don’t want your leather to get dark! Personally, I like dark leather, so I have no worries here. The 4 way leather conditioner preserves, strengthens, beautifies and cleans leather. Which is why I am thinking its called 4 way leather care? Right?

This is an 8 ounce size bottle of leather conditioner and the retail value of it is $9.13.

Enjoy Yums Horse Treats

what comes in a saddle box


My horses love the treats. Even Ethan, and he is very picky when it comes to treats. But these are great because they only use human grade food products in these treats. This came in a 4 ounce package and my horses will have these gone in just a few days. The treats are a nice bite size reward.

The retail cost for a 1 lb. package of Enjoy Yums horse treats is $8.95, so I am not really sure how to calculate the value of the treats in the Saddle Box. So I guess lets call the retail value of it $2.25, figuring it on one fourth the size of the package we can buy.

Healthy HairCare Hair Moisturizer

June Saddle Box unboxing

I was so excited when I saw this in the Saddle Box. The reason for my excitement is I had just learned about this product and was going to buy it for a huge review of different shine products (coming soon). I was going to drive down to Dover’s and buy a bottle of it, but Saddle Box just saved me a trip! I haven’t used this yet, but I have done a lot of research on the product, and read a lot of reviews. And from what I have read, everyone loves this product so I am excited to see what it will do for my horses. And then I can report back to you all how it works.

The reviewers say that this is the best product for shine, dry skin, and detangling. It is very cost effective too. The bottle I got is only 2 ounces, but this is a concentrate. You mix 1 part of the concentrate to 8 parts water. So that makes this really affordable.  And from what I have reviewed, this product has been around for a really long time. I wonder why I haven’t heard about it before now!

I was able to find the 2 ounce size Hair Moisturizer on Amazon for $7.00, and it does come with a 32 ounce spray bottle which is perfect for making a quart of the moisturizer.

True Value Of A Saddle Box

So if we were to take all of the items and their retail value:

  • Horse book: $17.95
  • Sponge: $10.99
  • Shampoo: $7.33
  • Fly spray: $2.25 (?)
  • Leather conditioner: $9.13
  • Horse treats: $2.25 (?)
  • Hair Moisturizer: $7.00

And all the products add up to $56.90, which makes the subscription cost of $34.99 a  good deal. Saddle Box has always given a good value. But even more than the cost vs. the value, I have been introduced to some fantastic products that I didn’t know existed. I think that is probably the biggest reason that I love Saddle Box.

Saddle box makes happy horses

If you are looking for a fun treat for you and your horse, and you haven’t tried Saddle Box yet, I think you should give it a try. I bet you will like it, and I know your horse will!



I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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