Way back in November, I participated in the Chronicle of the Horse’s Lose the Leathers Challenge. And at the time, I was just excited to have a goal to work on. But as the challenge continued, they started sharing different prizes that were going to be given away. And well, I love prizes! So that made this challenge even more fun.

Not only was I going to have the opportunity to get a ribbon from Chronicle of the Horse, but, there was also a chance I was going to win something? Heck ya! This was awesome.

I Won! I Won!I Won!

I know I shared with you the challenge, and how awesome Frisby was. He was a champ. He tolerated me (mostly) coming home from work and tacking him up, or grooming him so that I could ride bareback. That was what I did mostly through the challenge. And I re-discovered the fun of riding again.

I found my confidence again. And that seemed to be something I had lost several years ago, and I couldn’t find it again. It was as if it was gone and wouldn’t come back.

But after the fear left, my confidence returned. I found myself doing things I would have never attempted before, like riding at night, in the dark. Or riding bareback. I was no longer having fear take over my brain, and stop me from doing something fun. I just got out there and did it.

Chronicle of the Horse Lose the Leathers November Challenge

I am very proud of myself for what I was able to accomplish during the month of November. And as the days past, it got easier and easier to go out and ride, even if it was barely above freezing!

So besides the ribbon, and the other prizes that I won, the biggest prize is what Frisby gave back to me. My confidence, and the sense of accomplishment.

Warm Riding Outfit For Fall

Now For the Prizes

But, then there were the prizes! Of course, the coveted ribbon that I had worked so hard for.

This was what I was so looking forward to getting. And because I am how I am, I decided to pose my precious ribbon in similar ways that I kept staring at on the challenge page.

First, on my tall boots.

Then on my saddle.

Then between my saddles, on the wall.

And eventually, the ribbon will live in my tack room as a reminder of the challenge, as well as my accomplishment.

But it’s around 10 degrees outside right now, and I’m just not feeling being outside in my unheated tack room. So I will get to this task when the weather is a little bit warmer, and the days are a little bit longer.

Not Just a Ribbon

But I didn’t only get a ribbon, no. I got some other things too! The Chronicle of the Horse had prizes that the drew for. And I was one of the winners! Oh. My. Goodness!

I didn’t even know I was one of the winners, my friend Vickie had to tell me I had won! I was so excited!

A Year’s Subscription to The Chronicle of the Horse

The first thing I received was a year long subscription to Chronicle of the Horse. This is awesome! And right before Christmas I got my first magazine. Well, actually 2 magazines. It was the monthly magazine, but then also a copy of their magazine, Untacked.

This is just so cool. And I can also read the previous copies as well. This is so awesome! I love getting a magazine in the mail every month! And I will not overlook this gift. I will treasure it, and read each magazine when it comes to my house. While it’s nice to have access to a magazine online, there is just something special about having the ‘real’ thing, you know?

And this issue was all about Fox Hunting, something I have never done before, but it looks like fun. And there was even a portion of the article talking about the Bijou Hunt Club, which just happens to be here, in Colorado, not far from where I live.

And in the Untacked issue, they had tons of articles, including this one. With DIY ideas of how to display your treasured ribbons throughout your home. I love it!

I also went back and read their equitation issue from late November, and it was really helpful. They dedicated a lot to talking about what the benefits are of riding without stirrups. Now after doing it, I can understand this even better.

Thank you Chronicle of the Horse for such a fantastic prize! I feel so lucky to have been chosen to receive this. It is very much appreciated, and I will not take it for granted.

Chronicle of the Horse Ball Cap

This is just so cool. And having a cap to put on after I remove my helmet is always helpful. And knowing the back story of how I got this cap, is even better. It’s fun to have a token to bring back a memory of something, wouldn’t you agree?

Chronicle of the Horse Backpack

Again, so cool! I always need an extra bag (or two) to carry everything to the barn. And I think I am going to use this as a ringside bag. To keep things inside that I may need, well at the ringside!

I can keep a water bottle in it, my new favorite dollar store find, a large microfiber towel. And a brush or two, along with little incidentals.

And I love the straps. I can wear it as a backpack, or just hang it on the fence. Very helpful indeed!

Equestrian Scarf

Ok, so this scarf is really pretty. And while I am not usually a scarf person, my DIY brain started wondering what I could make with this scarf. I hope the people at the Chronicle of the Horse aren’t cringing right now.

But I think the best way I could put this scarf to good use is to turn it into a pillow. My little dog Mufasa seems to think its ok.

And then I could use a portion of the remnants to turn it into a custom ear bonnet. That way I can use the scarf for something practical, and always have the token of how I got it. Every time I put it on my horse, I will remember where it came from.

I am very excited to get to work on making the bonnet. I think it will be beautiful! Look for that DIY post soon. I mean, its freezing outside right now. And there is so much snow covering the frozen ground, I can’t ride. So I might as well make use of my down time, and get crafty!

I Love Prizes!

So this is the last post for a while related to the November I rode without stirrups. Well, that is unless you count the post where I’m going to make the ear bonnet. But honestly, when I signed up for the challenge, I never realized what a difference it would make in how I look at riding my horses.

I am so grateful to Chronicle of the Horse for making this such a fun thing to do. And sure, I got some cool prizes, which I LOVE, but I got sooooo much more! I found my lost confidence, I solidified my horsey people friendships, I pushed myself beyond what I thought I could do, I got to follow along with others on their journey’s through the Facebook page. And I honored the memory of my friend, Ethan. I think he would have been happy to do the challenge with me. I did the No Stirrups November challenge in his memory, and I think he would be proud.

saying good bye sucks

My heart still aches for him. And I miss him every day. But in time, it gets a little bit easier. And I feel that I honored his memory well throughout this challenge. And now, I will carry that with me proudly into the future.

How about you, did you participate in the challenge? If you didn’t, there is always next year! And I so hope that Chronicle of the Horse does it again. It was so much fun, and I am looking forward to doing it again! So thank you, Chronicle of the Horse, for this challenge. You helped motivate me, and helped me to remember what it really means to have fun with my horses!


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