How To Fix Torn Horse Blankets

Colliers Rip It Patch It Kit

I think I have shared with you how destructive my horse Frisby is with his blankets and sheets. In fact, I have a sheet that Frisby wore one time, yes ONE TIME, and he destroyed it. And in case you were wondering what type of sheet this was, it came from Dover’s. I bought it when it was on sale for $19.99 last spring. I decided to get these sheets to keep my horses clean, while providing a tiny bit of warmth for them when the weather changes rapidly here in Colorado. But I put the sheet on Frisby when I tucked him in for the night, and the next morning when I got up early to feed them, the sheet was hanging in shreds on him.

And I wanted to throw it away, but I was always waiting for an opportunity to fix it. So thankfully I kept it in the back of the barn. And I am so glad that I didn’t throw it away! Because a couple of months ago I was contacted by Sue Collier of Colliers Rip It Patch It Kits, and she asked if I would be willing to try out this patch kit. Of course I said yes! And it has taken me this long to try out the patch kit, but I am so glad I did.

How To Fix Torn Horse Blankets

With this patch kit, you can save a blanket. Or in my case a sheet. If you have an iron, a piece of cotton material and this kit, you can take a shredded sheet and make it usable again.

And the product is so easy to use. Just follow the instructions, and start your repairs.

How To Fix Torn Horse Blankets

It probably works best on a clean blanket, and this sheet was relatively clean because Frisby had only worn it one time. But I was in the zone, and I wanted to see if I could fix this sheet, so I didn’t wash the sheet first. I just got busy trying to save it. And it worked!

I was able to salvage the sheet!

How To Fix Torn Horse Blankets

It was touch and go for awhile. I started on the less shredded side, and then when I went to the other, I didn’t realize just how torn up this sheet was.

How To Fix Torn Horse Blankets

But I figured, I have the patch kit, let’s test it out.

And it worked so well. I wasn’t sure if I would have enough material to complete the entire sheet, but I did. Each kit has 2 big pieces of iron on materiel that measures 23″ x 6″, plenty of material to fix a normal tear, and then you have some left over for future repairs. That is, if your horse is a little less tear happy than Frisby.

how to fix torn horse blankets

I just followed the instructions, and in less than an hour I had a sheet that I could use again. I was very grateful for that. Now I will not be putting this sheet on Frisby again, but Ethan is kinder to blankets and sheets so it should be ok for him.

how to fix torn horse sheets

These are the instructions for using the patches in this kit:

colliers rip it patch it blanket repair kit

  • Determine whether your fabric can withstand a heat setting for ironing. Check the tag on your blanket for instructions or type of fabric. If you are unsure use a tea towel or cotton fabric over the area to be patched.
  • Empty any water out of the iron IMPORTANT
  • Preheat iron to a HOT setting.
  • Cut patch to the size of the rip, allowing for some overhang.
  • Round corners of the patch with a pair of scissors to prevent fraying.
  • Position patch SHINY SIDE DOWN – the sticky side DOWN
  • Place the tea towel or cloth over the top
  • Press with iron for minimum 3- 5 minutes – keep iron MOVING
  • Finish by pressing around the edges
  • Allow the patch to cool and then check the bond
  • Repeat if necessary

And that’s it! It isn’t hard at all, even if you get impatient like I do.

Colliers Rip It Patch It Kit – Definitely A Winner

I wish I would have done this sooner. This blanket patch kit is so worth it’s $18.99 price tag. If you have a blanket, you should have this repair kit. It’s like having an insurance policy for your expensive blanket. Because if you have a kit like this, and you notice a hole or little rip starting on your blanket, you could patch it before the blanket becomes damaged beyond repair. And if you are looking for a useful gift idea for your favorite horse person, this would be a very thoughtful gift!

You can buy Colliers Rip It Patch It Kit on Amazon and you can find out more about it on Colliers website. And if you would like a chance to try this patch kit out for yourself for FREE, go visit my YouTube channel today.

Colliers rip it patch it kit

I made a video showing you how I patched my sheet! And at the end of the video, I tell you how you can get a patch kit for free! Sue Collier gave me a couple of extra Rip It Patch It Kits, so I thought I would share them with you! And in the video, I tell you how you can get one for free. It’s not a long video, I promise! It’s only about 6 minutes long. And you can see exactly how to use the patch kit. And also witness for yourself how torn up my sheet was!





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