Low Cost Bridle Rack

If you have followed my blog for any amount of time, you know I love DIY projects. Especially when it comes to making things for my tack room. And every winter, I bring all of my tack inside my home, to protect the leather from the freezing temperatures that come every year. And this seems to be the time of year that I also decide to make some improvements to how I hang up my tack too. And this year is no exception.

Last fall I bought a lot of bridle hooks that I hung up in my tack room. I just attached them to a 2 x 4 piece of wood. I put some stickers next to each bridle rack with my horses names, so I would know who’s bridle was hung up. And while it worked, I didn’t like the plain-ness of my bridle rack.

 Low Cost Bridle Rack

So this year when I brought in all of my bridles, I decided to update the way I hang up my bridles.

Easy Bridle Rack Makeover

I already had the bridle hangers, and I had a lot of spare wood. I also found a beautiful rose gold spray paint. I found it at Walmart, but if you can’t find it locally, you can buy it on Amazon for about $10.00 a can. And while that might seem expensive, this paint performs very well and goes a long way.

Making The Bridle Rack

I brought the single bridle hooks into my garage and painted them with the spray paint. I love the rose gold color. So much that I am going to make an entire jump using the spray paint, more on that soon.

 Low Cost Bridle Rack

And after painting the holders themselves, I also painted the screws that will hold them onto the new backing board of the completed rack. To me, there is no sense in doing something half way. So I secured the screws on a broken down cardboard box, and then painted the screw heads so they will match the bridle holders.

 Low Cost Bridle Rack

And while the paint was drying, I took a piece of 1 x 6 wood and cut it down to 50″ long. I chose this length after measuring my already hanging up piece of 2 x 4 wood which will be what I hang the new bridle rack on next spring.

Then I drilled some holes for hanging up, and then sanded the board smooth.

 Low Cost Bridle Rack

Next was the painting. And since I already had chalk pain and the wax, I gave the piece of wood a farmhouse style antiquing.

Assembling The Bridle Rack

After all of the parts had dried, I then decided how to space the holders. I wanted to make sure there was enough space between the holders so the bridles will hang without touching each other.

 Low Cost Bridle Rack

I could have used a ruler to make sure they were spaced perfectly, but I didn’t. I just eyeballed it. In the end it worked out ok. But if you are a perfectionist, use a ruler or tape measure for spacing your bridle holders.

 Low Cost Bridle Rack

The screws went in really easily, and it didn’t take any time at all to complete the bridle rack.

And since my bridles will be living indoors over the winter, I hung the bridle rack in my husband’s office.

 Low Cost Bridle Rack

Then all that was left to do was clean my bridles, and hang them up.

If you are hanging your rack on a real wall, I would recommend using wall anchors. Otherwise the weight of the bridles and the rack may end up pulling your bridle rack out of the wall. Do you know how I know that????

Farmhouse Style In The Tack Room

I have been adding a lot of DIY farmhouse style decorative items inside of my home, and I am loving this style so much it is now trickling into my tack room. Pretty soon my tack room might end up looking like something Johanna Gaines created.

updating a tack room

I can only hope

And since I have a lot of the rose gold paint, I think I might end up painting my saddle racks too. I don’t know, yet, but it is possible.

Low Cost Bridle Rack

I was able to basically repurpose stuff I already had in order to make something new. And I didn’t go out and buy anything new for this project. I simply used what I already had bought for other projects. So I was able to make a really pretty bridle rack basically for free.

low cost bridle rack

Have you ever crafted something like this? Or made something from stuff you already had? I would love to hear about your DIY barn projects! Share with the rest of us a DIY project you made for your tack room in the comment section below. I love seeing what others have made, and it usually inspires me to come up with a new DIY project too!





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