Oh yeah, I did it again. Well, that is I re-upped my subscription to Heart to Horse box again. It’s been a long time since I did an unboxing of the Heart to Horse Box, so I wanted to see if anything had changed, or if the box was the same as always. So I decided to give it a try again. I mean it’s always fun to get a surprise in the mail isn’t it?

What is the Heart to Horse Box?

If you have never heard of this subscription box, it is a surprise bi that you can buy from State Line Tack. And while it normally costs $34.99 a month, if you sign up for their auto ship program it come to around $31.50 per month. They ship the boxes around the 15th of the month. And it does take about a week for the box to arrive. So if you are planning on getting one to arrive in time for Christmas, you should probably get on it now. Oh, and the box ships for free, so that’s a plus.

And because it’s the holiday shopping season, I wanted to break down the Heart to Horse box for you, in case you were thinking about getting one for your favorite equestrian. Hint, it’s a fun gift idea!

November 2019 Heart to Horse Box Unboxing

These are the items that were included in the box for the month. I have included a link to each product in case you like it and would like to purchase it. Just click on the product.

Kerrits EQ Accessory Case

This is just so cute! It’s a good size zipper pouch with an equestrian style. It retails for $20.00, but I was able to find it on Amazon for $10.00. The bag is made by Kerrits brand, so it is sturdy. And it has the cutest little horseshoe zipper pull.

I think this will make a fantastic travel makeup bag. And it would work well to keep with your horse show stuff too. You could use it as a braiding kit, or keep small incidentals inside.

And the strap makes it easy to carry or hang up.

Fiebing’s Instant Boot Shine

This was a really nice surprise to get in the box. And honestly, I never knew something like this existed. You might be wondering how it works, and what it is. Well, let me tell you!

The Fiebing’s instant boot shine is exactly what the name says, it shines your boots instantly. The formula won’t evaporate, collect dust, or rub off on your clothing. It’s available in black, brown, and neutral. This product covers scuffs scratches while instantly shining shoes boots. It also does not require any applicator or buffing brushes. I found it Amazon for around $6.99, but the neutral was the most affordable at $2.89 with free Prime shipping.

And just for fun, I had to try it out on my tall boots. First, this is meant for smooth leather. So don’t use it on rough or suede style leather.

Look at the difference! I am so glad they included this product! One of the things that I despise is how dusty my tall boots get regardless of how much I dust them off! I am excited to test the anti-dust application when the mud dries out.

This would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for an equestrian. And at $6.99, I think it’s a good deal.

Noble Outfitters Viper Knife

This is a really nice pocket knife. And mine came to me in one of my favorite colors, lime green. It opens easy, and even though I am typically challenged when it comes to closing a pocket knife, even I was able to figure out how to make it close.

The knife is built very well, and would be a great addition to any tack room, or grooming kit. You never know when you will need a knife. And having one like this, well it just makes sense.

It has a combo type blade. Meaning there is a smooth edge, as well as a serrated edge for grabbing.

The retail price of this knife is $19.95, and it comes in many different colors which I was able to easily find on Amazon.

Mrs. Pastures Cookie Stocking

Who hasn’t tried Mrs. Pastures horse cookies? They are a nice little cookie (treat) for your horse. And Mrs. Pastures has been around for years. This would make a nice stocking stuffer for your horse, or favorite equestrian type person.

They are a little expensive at $11.99, but it’s a nice gift idea. Frisby loves any type of treat, and this one is no exception.

Mrs. Pastures offers all natural horse cookies with no preservatives but a taste your horse will enjoy! Mmm mmm good! The ingredients include: Oats, wheat bran, molasses, barley, apples, water and a lot of love, according to the product description.

Horse and Rider Cookie Cutter Set

horse and rider cookie cutter set

This little cookie cutter set is just so cute! It is a set of two cookie cutters. One is a horse, and one is a rider. And it comes in a nice little box, perfect for gift giving.

I haven’t used the cookie cutters, yet. But I am planning on making some cookies this weekend.

Horse cookie cutter set

According to some picture I have found, the rider should be able to sit on the horse’s back. How cute is that?

You might want to buy this for yourself, and make some cookies for your favorite horse person, or a barn party. How much fun would it be to frost the horses, and the riders, to look like their own horses? Wouldn’t that be fun!

You can find this cookie cutter set on Amazon for $8.99.

Heart To Horse Box – Yeah or Neigh?

If I were to buy all of these products by themselves, I would have spent $67.92. But I got the box on sale, and spent around $30.00. So the value of the box is definitely there. But even more important, is the usability factor. Will I use everything in the box? Without a doubt, yes.

I am really happy with the items that came in the box this month. Which means I will continue my subscription through December. I do like that I can cancel the subscription whenever I want, and then start it back up again. There is no long term commitment, which is nice.

So yes, the Heart to Horse Box is definitely worth it, once in a while. This isn’t something I will continue to subscribe to long term. But for a fun surprise now and then, I really enjoy it!

I hope you enjoyed the Heart to Horse Unboxing, and if you have a favorite subscription box, I would love to know about it!


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