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I love being able to give my horses treats. And while there are some who disagree with feeding treats to their horses, I am one of ‘those’ horse owner’s who likes to give my horses a treat from time to time.

Sometimes I make my own treats, and sometimes I buy them.But one thing I always think about when I am giving Frisby or Ethan a snack is, are these really good for them? I’m fairly certain most horse owners are like me and only want the best for their fur babies. And that includes giving them a treat.

Which I was so excited that Riding Warehouse asked me if I would like to try a new type of treat for my horses. And the best part about this treat is it’s a ready made horse treat that is healthy for our horses.

Flix 100% Flax Seed Horse Treats

The treats are from Horse Guard and they are called Flix 100% Flax seed Horse Treats. And these treats are made from 100% flax seed. There is nothing else n the treats, only flax seed. There isn’t anything used to bind the treats together. They are cold pressed under extreme pressure to put them into a pellet form. And when they are pressed, there is about 12% of the oil in each pellet. The treats have 55% omega 3 fatty acids and 14% omega 6 fatty acids, and both are good for our horses.

Flax is known as the world’s healthiest food that has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. Flax can help to promote shiny coats, and help with stiff joints.

close up of flix horse treats for horses

And the treats are so easy to feed. They are fairly firm, so they don’t fall apart in your pocket. I keep a handful in my barn coat pocket, and when I bring my horses in for the night, I give them one treat once they come into their pens. I don’t have to beg them, or even put a halter on them. They know when they come in to the pen on their own, they get a Flix treat.

Now you may be worried about the size of the pellets, they are somewhat small. But I have not had any issues with either of my horses by giving them one treat. I don’t give them an entire handful, but one treat and neither horse has had any issues with the treats. It seems the trend in horse treats are these bite size pellets.

And I have heard some people say that there is a potential for a horse to choke on the treats. But like I said, by feeding my horses one treat at a time, I have not had any issues. Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to feed them an entire handful of the treats at one time. But one at a time seems to work great.

Healthy Horse Treats

And the best part about these treats, in my opinion, is that they are a healthy alternative to traditional horse treats. There is no sugar, no corn, no fillers. Just flax seed. So I can give my horses treats that are actually good for them.

A serving size is about one handful of treats. And my horses probably only get 3 or 4 single pellets a day. So that means the 4 lb container that these came in will last quite a while.

The treats come in two different sizes, a 4 lb plastic container (which I really like because it keeps pests away) or a 9 lb bag. Personally, I like the plastic container. And as far as price, these are an affordable option, especially for what you are getting. The 4 lb container costs $15.95 and the 9 lb bag of treats is $23.95 at Riding Warehouse.

Ethan Approved Horse Treat

And I almost forgot to share with you what my horses think of the treats, they love them. They eat these just as quickly as they eat any other treat. And Ethan is a good tester, because he is picky with feed. Frisby, not so much. He likes everything. But Ethan has turned away from other treats before. But not these. So I guess you could say, they get the picky horse approval!

So if you have been looking searching for a no sugar, healthy reward for your horse, that you don’t have to make, you should consider trying Flix Treats. I think your horse will be happy you did!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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