Finding Affordable Horse Blankets

Time For New Blankets?

The last snow we had about 10 days ago was not our typical fall snow. It was heavy, and full of moisture. I had blanketed both of my horses in anticipation of the snow, and the blankets were saturated. You see while my horses have a stall (sort of) they prefer to stand outside in the snow. So both of their blankets had been snowed on, a lot. And when I went to remove them for the day, they were wet and heavy.

Finding Affordable Horse Blankets

I’m not sure how long a blanket holds onto its waterproof capabilities, but I think both of these have lost their waterproofing, judging by how wet they got.

So I decided it was time to get some new blankets. I did buy one for Frisby 2 years ago, but he really doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like any blanket really. In fact there have been several blankets that I have bought which he proceeds to destroy after one wearing. So I have to be very careful with the sturdiness of blankets for him.

Finding Affordable Horse Blankets

And let’s face facts, horse blankets are expensive! I started looking for new blankets about a month ago, hoping to find an awesome sale. And while there were sales, none of them were as awesome as I would have hoped. That is until I stumbles upon Jeffers Equine. They have a lot of different blankets which really are affordable. But when you have multiple horses you are buying for, even affordable can get expensive.

But I found 2 blankets on Jeffers that seemed to be made for my horses. So much so that they should call them The Ethan or The Frisby, in my opinion.

Jeffers 1680 D Supreme Plus Turnout Blanket (AKA The Frisby)

I have to admit I was first drawn to this blanket because of the color. I love anything purple. So after I fell in love with the color, then I saw the price: $69.99. For a 1680 Denier blanket, this is a great deal. If you aren’t sure what the number means, the higher the number in front of the ‘D’ the stronger and tougher the blanket is. If there was a 3000 D blanket, that would be awesome. But 1680 D is a pretty tough blanket from my experience.

Finding Affordable Horse Blankets

What makes this blanket special besides the toughness of the outer shell is the buckle system. It has a T front on it where the buckles lie underneath the outer covering. This makes it less likely that Frisby will get caught on something and also more difficult for him to rip. And believe me, he has tried.

Finding Affordable Horse Blankets

It also has a belly wrap almost for the tummy area which helps to keep his tummy warm. And there are 3 surcingles around the belly to help keep the blanket in place. It also has elastic hind leg straps and a generous tail flap. Its more like a tail apron instead of a flap.

This Is One Tough Blanket!

I bought it is a size 81 for Frisby, which is usually pretty roomy for him. But this 81 seems a bit small. It still fits him, but barely. If you like a little more room in a blanket, you might want to go up a size if you are considering this one. But if you need a tough blanket, this turnout delivers. While I was making a video for Ethan.s blanket try on, Frisby was already trying to rip this one off. Thankfully, he was unsuccessful. And after the first 24 hours of wearing the blanket, I could see where he had been grabbing it and trying to chew at it, but again, he was not successful. The blanket survived, and my horse stayed warm and dry.

Finding Affordable Horse Blankets

The blanket is also breathable and waterproof, meaning the heat doesn’t get trapped in under the blanket, and the wetness can’t get down through the outer layer. Which is important if you want to keep your horse dry. And the top of the blanket is seamless, meaning no place for water to leak through.

Jeffers 1200 D Economy Plus Turnout Blanket (AKA The Ethan)

And for Ethan, he is not as hard on the outside of the blanket as he is on the hardware of the blanket. He tends to rip of the snaps and blanket surcingles. I have no idea how he does this. Maybe I should set up a nanny camera in the barn…. But this turnout blanket is perfect for Ethan. This one is a little less expensive at $59.99. It also has a medium weight fill with 240 grams of poly fill. This means it is a heavier blanket meant for colder weather. It is waterproof and breathable as well.

Finding Affordable Horse Blankets

But what drew me to this blanket is that it has heavy duty hardware. It also has a big square of Velcro on the chest area to help keep the front of the blanket closed, and makes it easier to put on. There are heave duty snaps on the front, making it easier to buckle the blanket closed. Whoever thought of putting snaps on this part of the blanket is a genius, and I want to say THANK YOU! The snaps make it so much easier to put the blankets on fast.

Finding Affordable Horse Blankets

It also has heavy duty hind leg straps and a nice sized tail flap (apron) to keep Ethan’s tiny butt warm.  And since Ethan does not get a heavy winter coat like Frisby, I tend to keep a blanket on him more frequently. If the temperature drops below 25 degrees at night, he goes to bed with a blanket. He doesn’t seem to mind, in fact I think he likes his blankie.

Affordable Horse Blankets Are At Jeffers

Finding Affordable Horse Blankets

If you are looking for an affordable blanket for your horse, you really should check out Jeffers. From all of my research, and searching for the lowest priced blankets, they have the absolute best deals. And who knows, with Black Friday just around the corner you might be able to get an even better deal!



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    2 replies to "Finding Affordable Horse Blankets"

    • Andria M. Simpson-Russell

      I have a question about the Jeffers 1680 D Supreme Plus Turnout Blanket (AKA The Frisby) because I just received the Christmas catalog and immediately jumped to the website only to find out it’s almost sold out!! 66, 68 and and 81!! AGHAST!! My question is you said the 81 was a little small on Frisby, I am owned by a fairly newly gelded 10 year old Paint gelding 14.3h (RenoBeanoMrPoopsAlot😀) who, as a result of a lot of exercise, has muscled up he started out as a 75, but I was thinking of getting a 78 because his chest has really muscled up and now I’ve determined i have to really fit for his chest (just be nice). Would an 81 be too big overall?

      • Lisa

        Hi Andria 🙂
        My opinion is to try the 81, it seems like it runs a little small. If I had to choose for my own horse, and I was looking at a 78 (that’s what Ethan wears) I would go to the 81 🙂

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