Equi-Spa Peppermint Summer Protection Spray

Natural Ingredient Pest Repellent

I recently had the opportunity to try out a new product on my horses. The creator of Equi-Spa horse products reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in trying out some of the products she has created, and I was like “Of course!” I love learning about new products for my horses. I am always on the look out for something awesome, aren’t you?

And when said products are safe for my horses, and chemical free I am even more excited to give it a go. Enter in Equi-Spa products. And I was curious, because I had never heard of this company before. 

So while I was waiting for my fly spray to arrive, I visited their website to find out more about them. Firstly, I really like their website. If you go to their products page you can see all that they have to offer. And there are a lot of great products I am interested in trying. Maybe next I will give their Fairy Tails Spray a try. It looks interesting, and I love making my horse’s shine, so I think this will be the next item I use.

But instead of shopping, I decided I would look at the product I would be getting, the peppermint summer protection spray.

Peppermint Summer Protection Spray

Equi-Spa Peppermint Summer Protection Spray

This spray is a pest repellent spry. And even though we are at the end of summer, this is when the flies seem to get really aggressive. At least where I live they do. So I wanted to really put this spray to the test. And what drew my interest into trying out this product is that there are no toxic chemicals inside. I am not a fan of chemical insecticides, especially when I am coating my horses for protection.

Most commercial fly sprays have insecticides in their ingredients. Common ones are DEET,  Pyrethrins and Prallethrin. And while Pyrethrins are a derivative from the chrysanthemum flower, in large doses it can cause tremors, drooling and other side effects that I would prefer not happen to my horses. So if I can find a ready made product that doesn’t have these ingredients, I would prefer to buy it.

And the Peppermint Summer Protection Spray does not have any insecticides like DEET, inside it. This is what the website says. It says there are no harsh chemical ingredients in the spray. The ingredients are from plants. The only thing I don’t like is that they don’t have an ingredients list on their website. I wish they would, so I would know what is in the spray, and do a little more research on my own. It isn’t going to stop me from using it, but I am a very curious person, and I like to know.

But enough of me wanting to know what’s inside, let’s test out this spray.

First Impressions

When I received my package, I was very impressed with how carefully the items were packaged. The spray was wrapped securely, and placed into a bag, just in case it would leak I assume. The sprayer was not connected to the bottle, and the bottle was sealed. Again, I was impressed with this. I have had many bottles leak on their way to me. So I was very happy to see how they ship their products.

Equi-Spa Peppermint Summer Protection Spray

And the sprayer, I LOVE this sprayer! You can adjust the mister so that it is a very fine mist, or a more solid stream of the liquid. But YOU get to decide how much of the spray you want to have come out. There are also ridges on the sprayer handle that allow your fingers to rest on the handle. This helps to give better control of holding the spray bottle. Well, that’s how I think about it! Seriously though, this is the best sprayer I have seen on a horse spray product. And it is so nice to see that so much thought went into the packaging of their products. I am very impressed.

Equi-Spa Peppermint Summer Protection Spray

And the bottle even has a few ridges on it as well. Again, this makes it more comfortable and easier to spray.

What’s Inside, The Spray

Ok, I think I conveyed how impressed I am with the spray bottle. Now let me share with you the spray itself. When I opened the spray, I gave it the sniff test. And instantly I could smell the peppermint. It does not smell chemical-ly, does that make sense?

equi-spa peppermint spray review

And after I gave it the sniff test, then it was time to apply the product, and see how well it really worked on my horses.

Applying The Spray

Again, I really like the sprayer. It is adjustable so you can determine how fine you want the spray to be, or how far you want it to go.

When I was close to my horse, I adjusted the sprayer to a very fine mist. I think you can see how awesome this sprayer creates a fine mist!

Equi-Spa Peppermint Summer Protection Spray

And yes, Frisby is licking my hand. I think he thought there might be a treat hiding in there somewhere. He is very treat motivated to stand still. But can you see the mist coming from the bottle? How awesome is that! To be able to determine how much of the spray you want to come out is a big selling point for me.

And then with a twist of the nozzle, I can change how much spray comes out. So when I am spraying down a stall, I can make it more of a direct stream, to hit the high corners that I can’t reach. Or, a little bit heavier of a mist to spray down the stall.

Equi-Spa Peppermint Summer Protection Spray

Yes, you can use this spray as a property spray too. I know it is expensive to be spraying stalls too, but once my stalls are clean, and there are still flies buzzing around, I like to do this. You can make your own perimeter spray using water, white vinegar and a few essential oils. But I wanted to test this spray to see how it would work in the stalls. It worked well!

The Results Of The Test

Overall this spray worked very well. I used it on Frisby before I rode him, and we had a fairly quiet schooling session. He wasn’t constantly reaching down to get flies off of his body. He was able to concentrate on what I was asking him to do. And even though Ethan didn’t get worked, he did get groomed.

Equi-Spa Peppermint Summer Protection Spray

And he stood relatively well while I sprayed him. But what I liked the most about this spray is that it worked! The flies weren’t landing on my horses at all after I sprayed them. The were able to enjoy their dinner comfortably without flies buzzing around them, or landing near their eyes. Just like you can see in the photo above, I applied the spray to a baby wipe and then applied it to their faces. I don’t like spraying anything around their faces. I think they both appreciate that.

Equi-Spa Peppermint Summer Protection Spray

I am really impressed with this product. It works well, and keeps the flies away. And I love the fact that there are no harsh chemicals in the spray. The Equi-Spa Peppermint Spray works well to keep the flies off of my horses, and out of their stalls. So it worked well as a pest repellent sprayed on the horses as well as a perimeter spray, sprayed in their stalls.

Equi-Spa Peppermint Summer Protection Spray

And again, the sprayer bottle is fantastic. So even if I replace the spray in this sprayer with my own homemade fly spray, I think the bottle is worth the purchase itself.

Equi-Spa Peppermint Summer Protection Spray

I would definitely purchase this spray because I think it’s worth it. And having all natural options for our horses is always a win, don’t you think?

If you would like to check out Equi-Spa, and all of the products they have you can visit their website here. Try out a product or two for yourself, and see what you think. They also sent me a bottle of the sheath and udder cleaner to try out. And while that might be a challenging blog post and article to write, it must be done. Sheath cleaning is something that all gelding owners should know how to tackle, in my opinion. And trying to make a tasteful and educational video of me actually doing it, well….that is where my  next challenge lies! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for that video, coming soon!






I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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