Way back in 2017, I made some DIY tall planters to frame our front door on our porch. And then I made some smaller planters in 2018 where I shared my secret right in the beginning. Trash cans. Yes, trash cans are my planters of choice for making tall round planters.

But as time has progressed, I have noticed it is more difficult to find tall trash cans to use for planters. Gone are the days where you can walk into Walmart or Home Depot and pick up some round tall trash cans. But I have found a solution! And while it may not be the cheapest, I think the results are worth it!

DIY Tall Planters

DIY Tall Planters – 2020 Version

Ok, so like I said, finding tall round trash cans has been a bit of a challenge lately. It seems that people are no longer in favor of the tall round trash can. That’s a bummer.

And since the planters I made way back in 2017 are not quite as tall as I wanted them to be, I decided to make some new, and taller planters for our front porch.

How To Make Tall Planters

The planters I made are still going strong. They hold up to the elements very well, but they aren’t tall enough, in my opinion. I want the planters to be very stately, and impressive. And I am kind of over the metallic color of the planters, so they will be getting an update as well.

Where to Find Tall Round Trash Cans

Since the box stores don’t seem to carry this style of trash can anymore, I decided to check on Amazon for some options.

DIY Tall Planters

The best option I have found today is the Umbra Venti Swing-Top 16.5-Gallon Kitchen Trash Large, 35-inch Tall Garbage Can. It’s just about 3 feet tall, a full 10 inches taller than my previous planters, and it has a really cool collar for the top. And just as a reference, this trash can is a 16.5 gallon size.

This is more expensive than my last DIY project. The trash cans cost $30.00 each. But they do ship for free, if you have Amazon Prime.

There is a slightly smaller version, and is more of an equivalent to the ones I currently have. And these are cheaper. It’s made by the same company, Umbra, and it’s called the Umbra 086711-040 Grand Swing Top Garbage Large Capacity 10 Gallon Kitchen Trash Can.

DIY Tall Planters

This trash can is smaller, at 26″ total height. But keep in mind, that includes the swing top cover. But it is cheaper at $15.97. It also doesn’t have the fancy ring for the top of the planter (aka trash can).

Turning Trash Cans into Planters

So once you decide on which size ‘planter’ you want to create, then there are only a few things that stand between you and beautiful tall round planters. And all that is really is the paint and the plants.

DIY Tall Planters

Prep Work for Planters

Before you start painting, it’s best to do a little prep work first. If you are going to be putting dirt and plants into your planters, drill some drainage holes first.

DIY Tall Planters

Be careful when drilling your drainage holes. Don’t put too much pressure on the plastic or it could crack. I drilled about 7 holes in the bottom of each trash can.

Then wipe off any dist or debris that might be on the outside of your ‘planter’.

Painting the Planters

You can choose any kind of paint you want to paint these. The first time I did it, I used spray paint. It was fast and easy. But this time, I wanted a little more depth and dimension to my planters. So I decided to use chalk paint.

DIY Tall Planters

I love chalk paint. I have painted a lot different things with it And the best chalk paint I have found is Heirloom Traditions All in One Chalk Paint. A little bit goes a long way, and the paint lasts. I’ve used it on metal, wood, and yes, plastic. And my results have been really good. For the new planters, I am using the color Colosseum, which is like an off white. It works perfect for my shabby farmhouse style front porch that I am going for.

DIY Tall Planters

And since I have grown tired of the metallic spray paint look of my older planters, they are getting spruced up too. I used Colosseum for the larger ones, and then I had a little bit of Cobblestone left over from another project, so I used that to repaint the other set of planters.

I did use a paint brush that is made for chalk paint. It is the New Renaissance Professional Chalk Painting and Wax Brush in large size. This is a fantastic brush, and has lasted me a very long time. It spreads the paint easily, and washes up even better.

DIY Tall Planters

To get started painting, I would recommend using something like cardboard, or a tarp to paint the planters. I opened up the boxes that they cam in, and that will be my drop cloth.

DIY Tall Planters

Then I just applied a thin layer of paint to the planter. I want it to have some lines in it. This is why I didn’t use a lot of paint. Plus, if I didn’t like the look, I can always add a second coat of paint.

Filling the Planter

Personally, I do not want these planters to be completely filled with dirt. So to use less dirt in the planters, I filled the bottom of them with a lightweight filler.

Where I live, pine cones are plentiful right now. And I have been collecting them for my daughter and I to do crafts with. But I didn’t want to use all of the pretty ones for planter filler, so I grabbed a couple of trash bags and collected a bunch of them at the back of our property.

looking for pine cones

They are free, lightweight, and take up a lot of empty space. Plus, the ground looks better when there aren’t tons of pine cones spread everywhere!

DIY Tall Planters

Then I bought a couple of bags of potting soil to fill in the dead space with dirt. If you don’t have pine cones, you can fill the planters with dirt. But if you have a lot of planters, that could get a little expensive. This is why I used the pine cones.

Planting in the Planters

Then all that is left to do is fill your planters with some flowers! You can use real flowers, or fake. It’s up to you. I am not a very good gardener. And I don’t have a green thumb. So a lot of time I use artificial flowers. But this year I decided to go all out, and plant some flowers.

They may not look incredible right now, but hopefully when the flowers grow up a little bit, they will be beautiful. I think it looks nice to use multi-levels of flowers. Some trailing ones, some flowers for the fill, and then some taller ones to add extra dimension to the arrangement.

fuscia plants

Over all, I am very happy with how this turned out. And I think it looks pretty great on our front porch.

DIY Tall Planters – 2020

All in for the new planters, paint, dirt and flowers I spent around $150.00 And that may seem like a lot, but I got enough dirt and flowers to fill 6 planters, the new planters, and the 4 that I already had got an update.

DIY Tall Planters

I know that if I were to buy ‘REAL’ tall round planters, they would have cost me around $150.00 each. So All in $150.00 or go buy new ones for $300 (for two) and $150 for dirt, and plants….I think I like my version better!


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