Introducing Corro

About 9 months ago, I was reading a blog post about what, I can’t remember. And I can’t even remember where I was reading it. But what I do remember is that was the first time I was introduced to Corro, or Corro Shop. And the blog I was reading was talking about Corro, and at the time, they were having a huge giveaway with the top prize being a $1000 gift card to Corro! I was so excited that I started dream shopping, and filling my shopping cart with everything I would buy if I won the gift card.

I had a lot of fun dream shopping. And while I was looking through everything they had to offer I was learning about everything that Corro had to over. Honestly, that was very smart on Corro’s part, because I’m sure I wasn’t the only one wishful shopping during that contest! I didn’t win the gift card, but I felt like a winner because I had been introduced to Corro.

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What Is Corro

Have you ever heard of Corro? They are a equestrian’s dream when it comes to finding things for your horse. They have tack, grooming supplies, supplements, and well, lots of things you need for your horse. And the prices are very good. Corro is your one source, for everything horse!

My favorite thing about Corro is the autoship program they have. Remember when I told you I was filling my ‘wish cart’ with everything I wanted to buy? Well, that helped me to navigate their store and I found a lot of products I wanted to try, as well as ones that I already use. And the first order I made was out of necessity.

I was needing a supplement, because I was almost out. And I had made an order somewhere else for what I had, but that was during the beginning of the pandemic so shipping was delayed by over a month. I decided to give Corro a try and order the supplements I needed, and I prayed they would come faster. And boy did they! Not only did my order arrive quickly, but Corro sent me notifications and tracking information so I knew where my order was up until the time it was delivered to me.

Corro – Your One Source For All Things Horse

And I knew that I would need the stuff I ordered again, so I signed up for autoship, which on my first order save me some money. They already have low prices, but when you make your first autoship order, you save even more money! How cool is that?

I don’t know how they do what they do. But what I do know is ever since my first order, they have consistently had the best prices on the products I order, and their customer service is outstanding.

Customer Service At Its Best

Just as an example, one of my orders was for Strongid C 2X, which is a daily dewormer pellet. My tracking information came to me and said my order was delivered, but it wasn’t. I actually remember searching around my garage, because that’s where Fed Ex said they left it, but it wasn’t there.

I outreached Corro, and they refunded me right away. That has been the only hiccup I have ever had, and even though the missed delivery wasn’t their fault, they took care of it, no questions asked. I was really impressed.

And now I have been getting regular auto shipments of my horses supplements for over 6 months now, and their service is something I know I can depend upon.

When you order from Corro you won’t be overcharged for shipping, including large oversized or heavy items. Right now they have free shipping on orders over $49.00 too! This even includes auto shipments! But even when I have a low priced autoship order, the shipping is very reasonable. I haven’t found any lower prices on the items I buy either.

Corro Top Rated and Corro Stories

Not only do they have an awesome store, where you can find everything you need for caring for your horse, but they also have a section which is called Corro Top Rated. It is from this part of their website that I learn about different products, or their best rated products.

Every once in a while, they have the best of the best, or the highest rated products, and they have equestrians that share why they like these products. It’s like what I have done in the past where I have tested out products, like shine sprays or fly sprays and talked about my favorites. But theirs’s is on a much grander scale because they have professional horsemen and women who share their favorites.

I just read an article on shine sprays and chose to buy Laser Sheen shine and detangler concentrate to try out. It’s too early in the year to use it right now, but I am very excited to give it a try when my horses finally shed out! And on that note, I am very happy to report that Frisby seems to have begun shedding. For me this is HUGE because he didn’t really shed after last winter. Maybe his super expensive prescription Prascend is working, and he will shed out fully this year. (Fingers crossed!)

Peace Of Mind With Autoship

I think my favorite thing about Corro, besides the great products that they offer, is the fact that I can order something once, click the autoship button, and that’s it. I don’t have to remember to place an order again. When I am getting down to the last week or so of a supplement, a new one is already on the way.

And if I ever have misjudged when I need to have an order I can simply change how frequently I receive my order. I just click the button to change how often I receive my order, or change the date of my next shipment and that’s it. Boom. Done.

Then I just sit and wait for my order. It’s that easy. No more trying to remember to make time to place my order. Autoship helps to keep me organized. And honestly, I need all the help I can get, and Corro makes it easy.

What I Routinely Order From Corro

And just in case you were wondering what I order on a regular basis form Corro, I thought I would share with you what’s on my Autoship plan.

Strongid C 2X

This is a daily dewormer pellet. I was turned onto Strongid first from a horsey friend, and then after reviewing the thousands of reviews of the product. Instead of deworming my horses 4 or 6 times a year, and making sure I do everything I can to keep the worms away for my boys, I choose to use this product.

Parasites threaten the health, nutrition, and energy levels of horses. Break the cycle of parasite infection with a daily dose of STRONGID C 2X Equine Anthelmintic. This easy-to-use daily dewormer helps maintain a horse’s peak health and performance by preventing larval infestations and controlling mature parasitic infections.

I do still use a paste dewormer once a year on my horses to get rid of bots, as the Strongid C 2X doesn’t kill them. But once a year I can mange, even if Plezant HATES the syringe. It is an expensive addition to my daily supplement routine, but my horses are worth it.

Finish Line Apple-A-Day Electrolytes

This is my most favorite electrolyte to feed my boys. It smells like cherries! Well, it smells like cherries to me, it might smell like something else to you. But I like to incorporate electrolytes into my feeding plan, especially when my horse is working hard. Which hopefully Plezant will be doing this summer!

All horses lose electrolytes during the day due to normal daily activity. Finish Line Horse Products Apple-A-Day Electrolytes helps replenish those electrolytes to keep your horse in peak condition. Horses lose electrolytes through daily activities such as sweating, urination, and defecation. And this supplement contains no fillers, sugars, or artificial colors. It’s easy to use, I simply mix with their feed or you can also dissolve it in water.

Electrolyte balance promotes proper hydration and better appetite, nerve, and muscle function.


I don’t know why I didn’t try this sooner for Frisby. I mean, I had seen the product, Google kept throwing it in my face with every suggested ad they could find. It was as if they were screaming at me…. “Hey you… need to try this product!” Well, I finally clicked on it, and the reviews for horses with founder, or laminitis are remarkable.

Remission Founder Support Supplement is specially formulated for horses that have foundered or are at risk of founder. This founder support supplement is scientifically engineered with natural ingredients that contain probiotics and functional carbohydrates. It contains a powerful blend of horse vitamins and minerals to help maintain natural gut health and regulate insulin levels. It helps to prevents laminitis with scientifically engineered ingredients that have been shown to help horses that are at risk of founder.  And it is formulated with magnesium and chromium to help clear glucose from the blood and regulate insulin levels. It also supports health by supporting good bacteria in the stomach. All things that Frisby needs. And this supplement is far more affordable than some others that claim to do the same thing. And with 24 5 star reviews on Corro alone was enough to convince me to give it a try.


This is my go to fly control product. And while I don’t keep my horses on it year round, I do start it right about now (the beginning of March) and continue through the end of September. It makes such a huge difference in the amount of flies on our property.

corro shop

SimpliFly Feed-Thru Fly Control with LarvaStop prohibits flies from developing into mature adults. It is safe to feed to your horse, I promise! I have been using it for years because of how effective it is.

Cool Calories

When I brought Plezant home, he was seriously underweight. I am not sure how much, but you could see his hip bones protruding, and he was bony to the point you could feel his bones. It really made me sad. I started searching for something to give him more calories, and I found this product.

Welcome Home Plezant

This weight supplement features a high-calorie density that help horses gain weight and can give performance horses a burst of energy. It also contain fatty acids for a healthy, glossy coat. And it really does improve weight gain because of the concentrated source of calories to help underweight horses and hard keepers gain weight. But this doesn’t make Plezant hyper at all. It also helps to keep his coat nice and shiny because of the fatty acids. I make sure to have a good supply of cool calories for him, because it really works.

Omega Fields Horseshine

I have used this for YEARS. And every once in awhile I think I have found something to replace it, but then I realize there is nothing like this product. And when I discovered that Corro had it, I was very excited.

a shiny coat on a beautiful horse

Horseshine helps to keep your horse’s mane, tail and coat looking its very best. It contains important fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that promote not only a healthier coat and stronger hooves, but also joint health and overall longevity. When I feed Horseshine, I don’t need to add a vitamin supplement. It has biotin along with other vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to promote a health coat and skin. Horseshine also promotes hoof health by improving the look of dry and cracked hooves and promotes new growth. It promotes a healthier immune system from the inside out.  And it even helps prevent itch from environmental exposures and bug bites.

What I feed My Horses

Like I said, there really is nothing like this supplement.


MSM is an affordable supplement that promotes healthy joint function in your horse. This supplement is shown to support joint health and improve blood circulation, reducing inflammation and joint discomfort. By feeding this supplement once a day with the other supplements I feed help to create a well-rounded program for both of my horses.

Well, that’s it. Those are the supplements that I have set up on my autoship plan through Corro.

Corro – Your One Source For All Things Horse

Have you ever heard of Corro? Or have you ever shopped with them? Hopefully from what I have shared with you, you can see they have a lot of different products and offer incredible service. But don’t just take my word for it, try them out for yourself!

If you have never tried Corro before here is your chance. For your first order, they will give you 10% off your first order using the code BUDGETEQUESTRIAN Pretty cool right?

So go ahead, shop and see if you can find something. And if you sign up for autoship, they give you an automatic 5% discount on all products in your auto shipment. So not only do you get peace of mind that your supplements will automatically show up, but you save a little bit of money too. I call that a win-win, wouldn’t you agree?


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you........AND just to have FULL Disclosure:Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the blog posts on my site will allow you to purchase different products and services online provided by other merchants, and not myself. Some of the links that I post on my site are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I may receive an affiliate commission.* I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn a commission by linking to and affiliated sites. *Disclosed in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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