winter clothing for equestrians

Clothing To Keep You Warm When Working With Your Horse

Well we are not even officially at the first day of winter, and already I am daydreaming about the spring and summer time.
But dreaming about the nicer weather won’t make it arrive any faster, and I still need to ride, and work with my horses as well as attend to the chores that seem to pile up more in the winter time, because of my limited time with my horses.
And maybe where you live it isn’t quite as cold, or it could be even colder.
But just because it’s winter time doesn’t mean I won’t be out working with my horses. They still need something to do, regardless of how cold or dark it is. And being a fair weathered person, I really don’t like the winter time or the cold. But I have a few things that make it at least tolerable.

Noble Outfitters Stocking Cap

Clothing To Keep You Warm When Working With Your Horse
I LOVE this thing! It is so very warm, and looks cute while my ears are covered. I absolutely love it. It is warm, and comfortable to wear.

Neck Warmer

Again, this is something I got without intending to get it. It came in a heart to horse box from Stateline Tack and it is really nice. You can use it to keep your neck warm, and also you can cover your ears and head with it. Unfortunately the one I got isn’t available anymore. But, I found a very nice and affordable alternative!
Clothing To Keep You Warm When Working With Your Horse
Most of the time I am wearing my hair in a pony tail or braid, so my ears are usually exposed. And they always get cold. Its nice to have something to keep my ears warm while I am outside, no matter what it is I am doing.

Tuff Rider Winter Breeches

I got these a few years ago and they have lasted a long time and are very warm.  They have a stretchy waistband, so no zipper or snap. Kind of like sweatpants. They have two pockets and are thick and warm.  They do have a suede knee patch for riding too.
These are my go to breeches in the winter time, especially if I am planning on doing any riding.
Clothing To Keep You Warm When Working With Your Horse
And they keep you warm when doing barn chores too! For $36.00 they are definitely worth the investment.

Lightweight Puffer Jacket

If you can’t tell by now, I don’t like to be cold. But I also don’t like to wear a parka every time I am outside. I have found a very nice option in this lightweight puffer coat. It is warm, and lightweight. I bought it in July so I got a really good price on it. But even right now, they are only around $40.00 on Amazon.
Clothing To Keep You Warm When Working With Your Horse
This jacket is windproof and breathable and so so SO comfortable! I would call this a 3 season jacket, meaning it is good for winter spring and fall. Well, at least where I live.

Horze Tall Winter Boots

I got these boot to replace my old pair of tall winter riding boots, and I really do like them. They are styled to resemble tall English riding boots and they have a zipper that makes them easy to put on and take off. But I am not too sure of the zippers, so I just use them as pull on boots.
Clothing To Keep You Warm When Working With Your Horse
They are very warm, and the footbed is lined with fleece, keeping your toes nice and warm whether you are riding, doing barn chores or just playing in the snow. And the boots themselves are waterproof. They seem like the run a little snug, so I would order up a size if you are considering these boots. But they are very comfortable, and better yet affordable. They are affordable too, at less than $70.00 a pair.

SSG Work ‘N Horse Lined Riding Gloves

These are by far the best winter gloves I have found for equestrians. They keep your hands warm, and still allow you to use your hands.
Clothing To Keep You Warm When Working With Your Horse
My hands get cold, like really cold all winter long. And finding a nice pair of gloves that I can actually still use my fingers and stay warm is something I look for in a glove. And I have had lots of different gloves that claim to offer all of that, but these are the only ones that I have found to deliver on that promise.
They come in different colors, and cost around $25.00. They are fleece lined, and the outer leather is very soft, and gives almost instant break in. I can groom my horses, clean the barn, fill hay nets, tack up and even ride while wearing these gloves. I love them. And if you are looking for the ultimate pair of equestrian gloves that deliver, you should really consider these.

Useful Holiday Gifts

If you live in a cold climate and are searching for a great gift idea for your favorite equestrian, I think any of these items would be fabulous. I know I would be super happy to get any of these as gifts, even though I already have them, because everything does wear out eventually.
best winter gear for equestrians
So if you are having a difficult time trying to find the perfect gift for an equestrian, hopefully this will provide you with some gift ideas that they will really be able to use.
And for full disclosure, this post does contain affiliate links. Which means of you make a purchase from any of the links I have provided, I may get a small commission. And this helps me to continue doing what I do on my blog, and YouTube channel, so thank you for your support, in advance!
Happy shopping!


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