Catching Up On Neglected Home Work

Time For Catching Up

Well, while I have been sooooo busy for the past month working on the Confident Rider Challenge and a blog post every day, along with a video every day, I have neglected projects that I have been wanting to do. But I find that when I put all of my focus into one thing, when I get the chance to come back to every day life, I get really motivated to get some stuff done.

And having a three day weekend because of the Labor day weekend, I had the opportunity, and my husband’s help to get some house things done.

So I thought for a change of pace, I would share some of my weekend projects with you. Because even though I spend a lot of time with my horses, I do have a regular life too, sort of. And to have total transparency, I have included some affiliate links within this post. And if you decide to click on any of these links and make a purchase, I may receive a tiny commission, which helps me to keep doing what I do with my blog, and my YouTube channel. So if you do click on a link, THANK YOU. Every little bit helps, right?

More Storage Is Always Good

Much to my husband’s dismay, I ordered a few new storage pieces, because I was tired of our homemade projects, or hand me downs. So I spent just  little bit of money to make some big improvements, and add additional storage to our dining room.

Catching Up On Neglected Home Work

I found this Sauder Utility Stand on Amazon and ordered 2 of them to replace out homemade shelving unit that my husband made a few years ago. Our kitchen and dining room are lacking a lot of storage, which is why we made this in the first place. But the shelves were not wide enough to hold kitchen appliances that we use a lot. And I was tired of always seeing our shoes hanging out.

So I bought these stands to make more storage, but being able to keep things hidden. You can never have enough storage, right?

So Many Pieces

And I also bought a small entertainment center for our family room, It’s called the Parson’s Cubby TV Stand and it is partical board furniture, yes, but it looks nice, and it was affordable at around $63.00. But there are a lot of little pieces to build this, and well honestly, any of these pre-fabricated pieces of furniture. But again, they provide extra storage and they look pretty nice too.

Catching Up On Neglected Home Work

But putting together these new storage pieces did take a little bit of time. Thanks Dale, for doing this for helping me! But after a few hours of binge watching Ozark, and assembling furniture, we have some extra storage!

Easy Lighting Too

Catching Up On Neglected Home Work

And for my next project, we added some lighting to our closet

Catching Up On Neglected Home Work

And under the top kitchen cabinets

Catching Up On Neglected Home Work

And this project was easy enough that I was able to do it. All I had to do was figure out how I wanted the lights to go, peel the sticky backing, and press in place. And presto! We have lights! I have tried this before with those little battery powered puck lights, and while they did work, it wasn’t the same. And the batteries did not last very long, so I just stopped using them. But these lights are bright, and produce a lot of light.

I am so happy with these lights! I got them on Amazon, and they are called Torch Star LED under cabinet lights. If you have been wanting to add some light to different areas, these are fantastic. I am even thinking about buying another set to light my tack room to have a lot of light! I wish I would have found these before I spent a lot on the little row of lights that I put in my tack room!

And the best part is there is a switch that I can turn them on or off whenever I feel like it.

Project number two complete.

Fall Cleaning

And then after having these new fun pieces, I took the time to clean, what my mother used to call ‘clean-clean’, not just pick up clean, but clean-clean.

Catching Up On Neglected Home Work

So every room got cleaned, even my filming and craft studio. Now I can focus on improving my video production skills and working on craft projects when I can’t get out to ride.

Catching Up On Neglected Home Work

The garage is still a work in progress. But That is the next job to tackle because I have a lot of wood projects in my head that I want to get started on.

And of course the stalls were stripped, and my tack room spiffed up a bit too.

Soon enough it will be time to put my jumps away for the winter, so I didn’t work on my jump locker (aka old tack room) yet, but that will be coming soon.

It amazes me at how much work I can get done when I’m not having to do a video and blog post every day. I will have to look back at this post next July when I get the bug up my butt to do a video every day. While I enjoyed it, it was a lot of work. I will probably change my mind though. Time will tell. But for now, no way am I doing that again!

Catching Up On Neglected Home Work

We also recently just had a wood burning stove put in our family room, and once they come back to finish the stove surround, I can get busy in that room. But for now, I am happy with the little cubby entertainment center.

Catching Up On Neglected Home Work

Well the long weekend is over, and it’s time to get back to the every day routine. But I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to play catch up on my neglected housework. Everything can go back to normal now. 3 videos a week, 3 blog posts a week, and a more organized and clean house. Life is good.


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