gift ideas for equestrians

Budget Friendly Gifts For Horse Lovers

Well it’s that time of year again, the time when we are on the hunt for the perfect gift for our favorite equestrians. And I thought it might be helpful if you have a horse lover in your family that you are searching for a gift idea. So I bring to you gift ideas for equestrians!

Not sure what to buy for your favorite equestrian? Fear not! I have created a list of budget friendly gift ideas you could gift to an equestrian, and I am certain they would love anything on this list. How can I be so certain?  Because if I got a few of these items, I know I would be happy!

Let’s face it, we are busy. And this time of year even if we can’t ride as much, we try to cram even more into the limited daylight time we have. So I decided to make a list for you to make your shopping a little bit easier this holiday season, in the hopes of helping to give you some ideas for gifts for equestrians. 

And of course, I need to add a disclaimer. Because within this list I have made it easy for you. All you have to do is click on one of the links I have provided, and then you can buy the item. And these links are affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase from a link I provided, I may receive a small commission from your purchase. So how about we get to the list, shall we?

Gift Ideas For Equestrians

Lets start with the least expensive, and work our way up to the more expensive items. But don’t worry, even the more expensive items are still affordable, and make thoughtful gifts too!

Equestrian Gifts Under $10.00

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t find a gift for your favorite horse person. Here are a few things you can buy that will cost you less than $10.00.

1.Partrade Hoof Pick With Brush ($1.90) One can never have enough hoof picks, and for this price, you could get several!

2. GoYonder Fleece Thermal Headbands Ear Warmers Ear Muffs (Set of 2 Colors) ($8.99)

Gift Ideas for Equestrians

3. Equine Couture Hadley Knee Hi Socks ($6.95) Socks are always nice, especially when they have horses on them.

4. Stud Muffins Horse Treats, 10 oz ($9.11) These are treats your horse is sure to love.

Gift Ideas for Equestrians

5. Never Give Up: Wild Horses Inspirational Notebook/Journal with 110 Lined Pages ($4.99)

100 git ideas for equestrians

6. Clear Horse Christmas Ornament ($8.99) This is very pretty, and even though it’s plastic, it looks really nice!

Gift Ideas for Equestrians


7. Kincade Wooden Deluxe Face Brush ($7.05) A true face brush which is very soft, and would make a thoughtful gift.

Gift Ideas for Equestrians


8. Tail Tamer Rainbow Curved Mane & Tail Paddle Brush ($7.95) This is by far my most favorite brush for saving tails.

gift ideas for equestrians

9. Ariat CoolMax Tall Boot Socks ($8.95) Yes, more boot socks, but these are Ariat’s! They are super comfy!

10. ECP GroomTex Microfiber Grooming Glove-2 Pack ($9.95) These are so cool. I love that they are a glove, and that you get 2!

Gift Ideas for Equestrians

You can use them in the summer, as well as the winter. When my horses get wet, I simply put these on and run them over their bodies. They help to remove the excess wetness, and help me dry them off faster. Whoever invented these is a genius.

11. Roma 2-Sided Rubber Massage & Grooming Mitt ($4.95) Trust me, your horse will love this. And it’s very affordable!

gift ideas for equestrians

This grooming tool is so helpful all throughout the year. And especially when it comes time to shedding season. Sorry there is dust on mine, but I use it, a lot! It makes fast work of grooming time when the horse has a full winter coat. And it is so nice to use when they have their slick summer coats too. The Roma massage/grooming mitt is one of my most favorite grooming tools to use all year long.

Equestrian Gifts Over $10.00

Now let’s talk about some nice gifts that are a little more expensive. I could get carried away and list gifts that are thousands of dollars, like a new saddle, or horse trailer. But I want to give you some realistic gift ideas for your favorite horse people. So here are some gift ideas that are over $10.00, but not crazy, crazy in price.

12. Le Mieux ProSport Close Contact/Jumping Saddle Pad ($50.96) Come on, you knew I was going to put this on the list right? I just love these saddle pads. They fit so well, and my horse’s backs are happier with these saddle pads. And they come in so many colors! 

gift ideas for equestrians

I of course am partial to the plum one, which I also have the matching ear bonnet, ($33.95) and sports boots ($52.95). But I would not be upset to have all the other colors as well.

13. Knotty Girlz 1/4″ Double Braid Polyester Yacht Rope Horse Halter ($20.95) This is the most affordable and best clinician style rope halter I have purchased.

gift ideas for equestrians

Yes, it is not the ‘traditional’ halter style. But I promise, from the first time you use it, you will wonder how you did without it! I will never go back to a traditional halter again after using this style of halter. Which is why I think it would make a fantastic and affordable gift for any equestrian.

14. Knotty Girlz Premium 1/2″ Braided Yacht Lead Rope w/Nickel Plated Snap ($38.95) And if you are going to buy the halter, you might as well get the matching lead right? And I like this lead rope the best because you get to chose the color, length and even the snap. I have been so happy with everything that I have gotten from Knotty Girlz. And they have the best quality at the most affordable prices, especially for the clinician style tools.

equestrian gift ideas

And since I am on a plum color kick, I just might have to get a plum halter and lead rope, you know, so I can really be matchy-matchy!

Ok, I think that gives you a good idea of different gifts you could get for your favorite equestrian. And since I am getting this list out before Black Friday, you might be able to find these items at better prices the closer we get to Christmas. I will be sharing some other gift ideas with you over the next month which gives you plenty of time to get ready for Christmas. And hopefully this blog post will save you some frustration with trying to find some great gifts for your favorite equestrians, or even yourself!




I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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