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Budget Equestrian The Podcast Episode 16 – An Interview With A Non-Equestrian Horse Owner

Hello awesome equestrians of the internet! Well today I had a really fun guest on my podcast, my husband. And the reason I wanted to do an interview with a non-equestrian horse owner is to share with you his perspective.

For horse people like us, we are always thinking about our horses. Our horses are a part of our family, even if they have four legs. But I sometimes wonder if my husband feels the same way. Do you ever think about your support group, meaning your family? Do you ever wonder what their thoughts are on your horse hobby?

An Interview With A Non-Equestrian Horse Owner

I am extremely fortunate that I have such an incredibly supportive partner. My husband and I have been married for 7 years. And from the beginning when we started dating, he has been so supportive of the relationship I have with my horses. And he understands how much they mean to me. And not only does he understand, but he also helps me, a lot.

For example, almost every day of the work week, he turns my horses out for me. When the farrier comes out every 8 weeks, he is the one who hold the horses. And every week he is usually the one who goes to the feed store and gets the hay.

An Interview With A Non-Equestrian Horse Owner

When it starts raining or snowing, he will go get the horses and bring them in when I’m at work. And when I need someone to video me for a YouTube video, or take a few pictures, he is my camera man. I am so grateful and fortunate that I have him. Which is why I really wanted to do this interview.

So when it comes to being an equestrian, it isn’t just about us or our horses. It’s also about the people that love us and support what it is that we do with our horses. And I know sometimes we may not always appreciate the sacrifices and the work that our non-equestrian supporters give to us. And sometimes it’s really fun to find out just what they know about horses, and what we do with them.

Here are some of the questions I asked my husband during our interview:

  • How much did you know about horses before you and I met?
  • Would you ever buy a horse?
  • What do you think about our horses?
  • What do you think when I ask you to hold the horses for the farrier?
  • What’s your favorite thing about our horses?
  • What’s your least favorite thing about our horses?
  • What have you learned about horses that you didn’t know before you met me?
  • Do you know the difference between western and English riding?
  • What do you think about the amount of time I spend with our horses?
  • If you could have a horse, what kind of horse would you want?

My Husband The Comedian

An Interview With A Non-Equestrian Horse Owner

My husband really has a sense of humor. And he showed this to me when I asked him to do a video  voice over for me about a year ago. Honestly, I’m not really sure what I expected, but he delivered. And it was nothing like I thought it would have been. So if you heard our podcast, and we curious about the video Dale helped me do, here it is…

It’s fun to see his take on what I do with my horses.

What I Learned

I would like to think I know my husband pretty well. But it was insightful to hear his responses to my questions. And to hear that he didn’t think he really knew very much, but he actually knows a lot. I think all of the years we have had horses is rubbing off on him!

He may not know about leads, or posting on the correct diagonal, but he knows what it means to care for a horse. He knows how important my horses are to me, and he supports me. He understands why I go out and work with my horses every day, and he never complains about it. In fact, he encourages me. He offers his help, and he always helps me with the bigger projects, like our arena we just completed.

Remembering To Say Thank You

Above everything else, the one thing I want you to take away from this interview is to remember to say thank you. The people that love us and support the work we do with our horses need to be recognized and thanked for what they do for us. They may not be horse people, and they may not understand why we do what we do, but they still do it for us. Now that is love, don’t you think?

An Interview With A Non-Equestrian Horse Owner

So the next time your husband comes out with you and watches you ride, or your parents drive you to your lessons or next horse show, remember to give them a big hug, and say thank you. They don’t have to help us out, but they do. So just remember to let them know that you really do appreciate what they do, even if they aren’t riding a horse. Their support makes us better equestrians.



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