2019 was a roller coaster for me. I had some really great things happen, and some really bad things happen too. But overall, it was just another year where things happen. Which is a lot better than nothing happening. That would b very boring! Wouldn’t you agree?

And this recap is more for me than anything, but feel free to read along if you like. I like to recap the year at the end of the year. Not to relive certain events, but rather to figure out what my goals will be for the future year. And I really like how the new year is 2020. That is just so cool! Time for a new decade to begin!

January 2019

MD Barnmaster barns

Last January, I was obsessed with building a new barn. Many of my blog posts held that theme. And while that goal never materialized, I was able to make some small improvements in my little barn.

2019 a year in review

I painted my horse barn.

2019 a year in review

As well as reinforced the paddocks for the horses, with the help of my awesome husband.

2019 a year in review

As well as adding real ‘walls’ in my tack room. So while I didn’t get that $100,000 barn I have been drooling over, I made what I had work. And I was able to do it all for less than $1000.00. I call that a win.

February 2019

2019 a year in review

In February I was already looking forward to the summer time, and started working on building jumps, along with wishing my horses winter coats away.

2019 a year in review

It seemed like Frisby was already beginning to shed a little, so I decided to buy the Striphair Gentle Groomer. And I have to say, this has been one of my favorite investments. This grooming tool is amazing! It isn’t cheap at $39.00, but it is worth every penny, in my opinion.

2019 a year in review

I can’t wait to use it on Plezant. It will be fun to see what kind of coat he has lying underneath his (barely there) winter coat.

March 2019

A Review of the Year 2019

The biggest thing to happen in March that I wrote about had to be the bomb-cyclone. AKA the blizzard. I haven’t been in a ‘real’ blizzard for a while. But the memory of last March is still fresh in my mind, and I hope to never experience something like that again.

A Review of the Year 2019

There was so much snow. And Frisby’s stall was not ready for the onslaught of it.

So one thing I do want to work on still, is getting some plywood up to prevent this from ever happening again.

April 2019

A Review of the Year 2019

I think I was a little bit in a funk in April, so I did a lot of shopping and product reviews. I love to shop. Especially when I am in a funk, shopping makes me feel better. So I shared a lot of different product reviews, like this one, The Best Wide Stirrup Leathers.

The Year in Review 2019

I found the Stability Stirrup Leathers by Total Saddle Fit, and I love them. They are everything I had wanted them to be. And I love them so much, I bought a second pair. They really do work. And if you aren’t sure about the $139.00 investment, if you don’t love them after 30 days, you can send them back for a refund. Now how is that for great customer service?

May 2019

2019 a year in review

With the slightly warmer weather of May, the horse shows started up again. This is my happy place, at the horse show. And while I have had big aspirations in the past about showing at The Colorado Horse Park, now I am just happy to go and watch. I also get really excited to capture some cool moments with my camera.

A Review of the Year 2019

Watching how these incredible riders interact with their horses is inspiring. It also makes me really excited to get back home after the show, and love on my boys.

June 2019

a house in the suburban country

I do remember being so excited for June to get here, because I had taken an entire month off from work! There were a of of projects that I wanted to do, and I took full advantage of my time off.

I had a stay-cation! And it was glorious. We were able to get so many chores done. Like painting the outside of our house.

painting a house yourself

As well as my little barn

2019 a year in review

And I also went to a LOT of shows at the Colorado Horse park.

A Review of the Year 2019

I even got to walk out onto the course and stand next to my most favorite jump. Yep, June was an awesome month!

July 2019

A Review of the year 2019

And because the first half of July was still vacation time, I decided it would be fun to do a summer home tour- equestrian style. With the help of my husband, we got so much done. And I really enjoyed the time off from work.

A Review of the year 2019

I had time to make a lot of DIY projects. While my husband made the most of the time too, and had a few projects himself.

A Review of the year 2019

One of the biggest projects that we didn’t intend on doing was getting a new hot tub. Which all started because I said it would be nice to sit in the hot tub after working out in the yard one day. Well, the hot tub we had decided to die. So began the saga of the new hot tub.

We ended up having to pull out most of the deck, and then redo it. But it was so worth it. We use the hot tub a lot now, and it really was worth the investment.

August 2019

A Review of the Year 2019

As I have done every August it seems for the past several years, I made a challenge for myself for the month of August. The Real Riding Challenge came to life in August, 2019.


Where I rode Frisby a lot. I had intended on riding Ethan, but he had hurt his hoof the month before, so no riding for Ethan, again. But that was ok, because I had my old reliable to ride.

A Review of the Year 2019

I love this horse. He has always been there for me, and he is a real confidence booster. I can literally come home from work and ride. No lunging, or priming to get him ready to go. He’s just like, “ok we’re going to go for a ride, ok.” And away we go.

He was very tolerant of my shenanigans of always wanting to do something with him. And for that, I will be forever grateful to my Frisby boy.

September 2019

A Review of the Year 2019

September was a really good and bad month for me. It started off great, because I had been competing in a challenge to win a new saddle from Arena Saddles in a challenge put on by Heels Down Magazine.

A Review of the Year 2019

Which I won! I was so excited. I have never won anything like this ever. So it was very, very exciting.

But at about the same time the saddle came, something horrible happened to Ethan. And I had to make the awful decision to put him down. Ethan had coliced, and despite everything we tried, short of surgery, he died.

A Review of the Year 2019

And while he was a complete pain in the butt, I loved this horse fiercely. So did Frisby.

A Review of the Year 2019

After Ethan was gone, Frisby fell into a funk. And I knew he was depressed. While I spent a lot more time with him, it wasn’t the same as having a four-legged friend.

A Review of the Year 2019

I had read so many articles about having a single horse, and how they will be ok if they can see other horses, but I don’t really think that’s true. Frisby was grieving for Ethan, just as much as I was.

A Review of the Year 2019

But even though I wanted him to have a friend, I didn’t want to just go out and buy another horse. I wanted to make sure I found the right horse for both Frisby and myself.

October 2019

A Review of the Year 2019

While the loss of Ethan was still very painful in October, I had signed up for another challenge. This time it was the Lose the Leathers Challenge which was put on by Chronicle of the Horse. And with the days getting shorter, I knew if I had any hope of completing this challenge, I would need to be able to ride at night.

A Review of the Year 2019

So I decided to make a lighted riding area for Frisby and myself. I also started practicing without stirrups.

woman on a horse

Bareback riding seemed to be the easiest for me, so this is how we got ready for No Stirrups November. And you know what? It was awesome! I found that riding bareback really helped me with my balance, as well as using muscles I didn’t realize I even used while riding!

November 2019

The Benefits of Riding Without Stirrups

Oh yeah. November started off with a bang, and riding without stirrups for the entire month. And other than getting ready for Christmas at the end of November, my entire month was focused around getting that ribbon from Chronicle of the horse!

diy arena lights

Even though it was cold, and wet, I was still able to get in all of the rides I needed to for this challenge.

A Review of the Year 2019

I was so excited to be riding, one time I even forgot to put my helmet on!

And while I finished the challenge, and qualified for a ribbon, something else exciting happened. I met a new horse, Plezant.

A Review of the Year 2019

He was so stunning! And kind, and just WOW! Even though I tried to follow my own advice of not falling in love with a horse, it was hard not to with Plezant.

December 2019

Oh December. This has been a whirlwind of a month! It started off of course with decorating our home for Christmas.

A Review of the Year 2019

But right after that, my incredible daughter graduated from college with her Bachelor’s degree in communication.

My camera settings were off. So most of my photos turned out blurry. But I don’t care. I was able to capture my daughter getting her degree! It was very exciting!

My little girl is all grown up, and has the degree to prove it. Just in case she reads this, Katie girl I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. Not a day goes by without my thinking about you, and wondering how your day is going. I love you beyond words, and you make my heart smile. I love you.

Sorry, I get really sappy when it comes to my kids. I love them more than anything, even horses. And to see them grown and having their own lives is just so exciting. It makes me proud to be a mom.

And not long after the graduation ceremony, we welcomed Plezant home.

Welcome Home Plezant

And so far, he has been awesome! He and Frisby are getting along, and since he has had a couple of weeks to settle in, I think he is happy with his new home.

A Review of the Year 2019

I just love his eyes. This horse has seen so much through his life, and I feel honored that he is now my horse. What a sweet boy he is, and I cannot wait to get to riding him, and take him exploring.

A Review of the Year 2019

He and Frisby are still turned out separately, and seem to be doing very well. Frisby’s demeanor is so much happier since Plezant has come to us. And I think we both needed him to heal our hearts.

A Review of the Year 2019

Well, that was my year, or at least a few things that happened throughout 2019. Like I said, there were some really good things that happened, and some not so good things. But when I look back over the roller coaster of emotions I went through in 2019, the good things were really good, and the bad things that happened help me to never take any moment for granted.

So I now say good bye to 2019, and look forward to the promises of what 2020 has to reveal. I am looking forward to 2020, and will have to start planning my goals for the new year. The year is going to start of busy, and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings. So here is to you and yours, and I really mean it when I say, Happy New Year to you!


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