30 day confident rider challenge completed

Confident Rider Challenge Day 30

Yes, it has happened! We have reached the end of the 30 day confident rider challenge!!!!! Some days went well, and others, well they were a challenge for sure. But it is done! Complete! Finito! And even though the challenge is done, by doing it, I have found new motivation to continue the work I have been doing with my horses. Only, it won’t be every single day. That’s a lot. But I am confident I can dedicate at least 3 and possibly 4 days a week to riding.

But even though I have officially completed the challenge, you still have one day of work! This, the 30th day of the challenge, and I have something fun for you to do today. 

Throughout this challenge, I have encouraged you to photograph, and film you and your horse. And there was a reason for it, which you are going to do today. And instead of making you read all the way down, I am going to tell you the challenge now…

Daily Challenge

30 Day Challenge Completed!

For today’s challenge I want you to spend some time grooming your horse. I mean really groom him. Make him shine! It shouldn’t be too difficult. After working with him for the past 30 days, he should groom fairly easily. And you should be really good at it by now too!

30 Day Challenge Completed!

And once you have him all shiny and beautiful, capture the moment with your camera. Take a photo of your horse all beautiful. And if you are going to be riding, make sure your tack is clean, and you are too, and have someone take a few photos of you  while you are with your horse.

And then after you are done working with him, go inside and compare your photos.

Look at the before….

30 Day Challenge Completed!

and then, look at the after….

30 Day Challenge Completed!

Did you have similar results? These photos are of Ethan before the challenge and after. I can say that I see a difference! And I may not have been able to, if I didn’t take a few minutes to take a picture, I would not have been able to see the improvement. This is why I feel so strongly with documenting your progress with either photos, or videos.

30 Day Challenge Completed!

30 Day Challenge Completed!

I hope you found some benefit to doing this challenge. I know I did. My lost confidence has been found. And I intend to keep it. I have learned there will be good days, and yes, there will be bad days too. But getting through those bad days makes the good days even better.

30 Day Challenge Completed!

And when you are able to overcome your fear, and continue working with your horse, it is such an inspiring moment.  Because you just proved to yourself that you can do this. You are good enough to get through the tough and scary obstacles that have been put in your way. One step at a time, and one day at a time, you can do this. I can do this.

30 Day Challenge Completed!

And once you have challenged yourself, and completed it, you will be motivated to continue forward. Because you have already proved that you can do it if you set your mind to it. It will not be easy. But anything worth accomplishing never is easy.

Onto The Next Challenge

After you have taken a day or two to revel in your success, start planning your next challenge. What is something you have always wanted to do? And how are you going to get there? You now have the tools, and prior success to know that you can do it. So what are you going to do next?

Are YOU Ready To Canter?

And if this is your first time finding this challenge, you can go back to the beginning, and start the challenge right now!


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    • Kimberly smiley

      This has been really fun, Lisa! Such a great idea, going back to the beginning is so helpful…step-by-step progress, incremental learning for rider and horse. Looking (listening) forward to more from you, and big congrats on your success!

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