12 Days of Christmas DIY Projects

It’s Christmas Time!!!!

Ok, my equestrian lifestyle has been taking a back seat to Christmas lately. But that’s because it’s Christmas time!!!! And for the past several weeks, my YouTube channel has also been more about Christmas DIY’s with a series I made called the 12 Days of Christmas DIY Projects. So I thought it would be fun to go over all of the projects, in one place. Just in case you were looking for a few last minute craft ideas to decorate your home, or create last minute gift ideas.

1. Easy Horse Christmas Ornaments

And what a way to start! Making ornaments out of Breyer horses makes some cringe, but I liked it! And this was a really easy project. All you need is some pipe cleaners (aka chenille stems) a small model horse, and an ornament hanger. You can have a horse ornament for your tree in about 5 minutes with this tutorial. This would also make a really fun gift bag embellishment too.

2. Easy Glitter Trees

This was a very easy project, and the “trees” are so glittery! I used Styrofoam cones, glitter and mod-podge to make these beauties. Again, this project was very easy. You could make an entire forest of glitter trees in an afternoon, if you wanted too.

3. DIY Christmas Pillows

These were sooooo much fun! And while not the easiest DIY project, they were worth the effort. I found a table runner that I really liked, and turned it into a couple of holiday pillows. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you could make these using a glue gun. But I had a sewing machine, so it just made sense to sew these pillows together. They turned out really great. And if I could figure out how to make my dog stop shedding all over them, well, that would be even better.

4. DIY Designer Christmas Tree

Here is another Christmas tree for you to make. I really like how this one turned out. It took a little more time, but the effort was worth it! I used a Styrofoam cone, some glittery silver ribbon, braided cord and little embellishments that I had bought a while ago and didn’t know what to use them for. In the end, it worked out. Even though it didn’t seem like it was going to when I started!

5. Dollar Store Christmas Centerpiece

Now for this project, I already had the long box that I had made a month or so ago for my dining room table. But I wanted it to be filled with Christmas stuff for the holiday season. I found a lot of the stuff inside at the dollar store. But I also had some silk floral stems that I bought at Walmart last year after Christmas.

If I can offer one piece of advice, go to Walmart AFTER Christmas. You can usually find the Christmas flowers on clearance for around $.09 a piece about a week or so after Christmas. So you can make this even cheaper if you buy the flowers after Christmas. Then just save them until next year! That’s what I did.

6. DIY Horse Head Wreath

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you probably saw this blog post. And I have made these before. But I needed to refresh, and make new ones! So I walk you through step by step of how you can make your own Christmas wreaths that show your passion for all things horses!

This project is fairly easy, once you get the horse head formed into your wire!

7. Dollar Store Wall Art

Now this project was actually 3 different projects made into one video. And most of the stuff I used to make these Christmas wall hangings came from things I already had, or things I bought at the dollar store. And again, these were very easy to do. I made some wall art, and also covered some art that I already had just for the season. I love adding Christmas to all aspects of my home. Not just the little decorations, but the walls too. It gives a cohesive theme to the entire house!

8. No Sew Sock Snowmen

These little snowmen are so adorable! And, easy to make! I used socks I found at the dollar store, and added some embellishments from stuff I already had. They were so easy to make that I decided to make a bunch and give as gifts to co-workers, and family. Talk about an affordable gift idea! And they are just soooo cute!

9. Mini Christmas Wreaths

I hadn’t planned on making this a video, partly because my laptop pooped out on me and decided to die. And partly because I wasn’t sure if it would make a good video. But these little wreaths add a little Christmas to my kitchen, and I just love them. SO I wanted to share this easy decorating idea. I was able to make enough wreaths for my kitchen cabinets for about $3.00. I love budget decorating, and I thought you might enjoy it too.

10. Christmas Ornament Wreath

This project was a little touch and go for a while. And I wasn’t sure if it was going to turn out, but it did! And it only cost around $10.00 to make this wreath. I am so glad I finally made this. There are a lot of people who have made this type of wreath, but not the way I did mine. It turned out really nice, and was worth the time it took to make it.

11. How To Make A Mini Garland Tree

This was another fun projects. And again, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. The project itself was fat and the results were great. I saw little garland trees at the dollar store and considered buying some. But after I finally committed to buying them, they were all gone. So I figured it would be worth trying to make one. The project took about 30 minutes total to make one and it cost around $4.00, very affordable, and very cute!

12. Faux Wood Gift Boxes

I love the look of birch wood. I have made horse jumps that look like birch, and I wanted to bring that look inside my home. So I found some wrapping paper that looked like birch wood, and then I covered some round boxes that I had been saving for a project. I did end up buying a small box from the dollar store to complete this set. And my total investment was around $7.00, because I already had 2 of the boxes. The best part about making these boxes is I will keep them out, all year. And then at Christmas time, I can add a few bows to ‘decorate’ my decorator boxes.

12 Days of Christmas DIY Projects

Well, there you go! 12 different DIY projects that you can make yourself for Christmas. Either for decorating your own home, or as gifts to give to your friends and family. Hopefully these videos give you some inspiration to decorate, and have a very Merry Christmas!!!!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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