A few years ago, I wrote a blog post 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Equestrians. And since it has been a coupe of year, I thought I would redo this list 2019! But, feel free to go back and check out that blog post. I think the ideas are still good, but I have a few new ideas this year that I wanted to share with you.

And you still have time to get these ordered, and have them arrive in time for Christmas! Just think, if you read this post, AND the older one, you will have 20 gift ideas for your equestrian friends and family!

10 Gifts Equestrians Would Love to get This Christmas

 1. Dreamers & Schemers Tall Boot Knee High Socks ($12.95)

Combining fashion with fun designs, the Dreamers & Schemers Boot Socks will quickly become an equestrian favorite! Designed for durability and comfort, these socks feature a lightly padded toe that wraps around the bottom of the foot back to your ankle for supportive cushioning and protection from friction. Smooth, stretchy fabric at the top of the sock provides a customized fit and fits seamlessly under tall boots or half chaps.

The top black cuff is knitted to maintain color even when stretched for extra protection against the sock sticking out of your boot during shows. With a variety of whimsical designs, these socks let you express your style without compromising comfort or functionality.

$12.95 at Riding Warehouse

2. Ringside Crew Gift Basket ($78.00)

How about a ringside bag filled with the necessities for  the show ring, or just because.

Everything comes packed in a full size Kensington show tote and includes:

  • A velvet curry brush
  • Flick brush for last minute touch ups
  • Washable grooming cloth to wipe down horse, or boots
  • Horse show checklist pad
  • Effol lip balm
  • Belvior leather wipes
  • Effol superstar shine spray
  • Effol summer hoof gel
  • CoFlex flexible bandage roll
  • Saftey pins and string
  • Egyss marigold spray for hydration and to keep bugs away
  • Memorable quotes notepad
  • Gourmet good luck chocolates
  • Old time peppermints
  • Apple wafer horse treats

This gift basket, along with many others can be found at The Pony Habit. And this gift basket runs $78.00.

3. Hercules Leather Balsam by Voltaire Design ($35.00)

The naturally made Hercules Balsam, softens, nurtures and protects the leather as no chemical product can do. This stuff is amazing, and is perfect for all saddles, whether you ride English or western. It also works really well to add some moisture to your hands as you are massaging it into your leather.

It comes in a 500 mL size tub and costs $35.00

4. Striphair Gentle Groomer ($39.00)

This thing is fantastic! The StripHair  tool is gentle on the skin and ideal for giving daily therapeutic benefit to horses. The unique all-in-one design offers convenient, multi-purpose functionality to groom, shed, curry, shampoo, slick, shine and massage all areas of the body—comfortably.

StripHair will remove loose hair, dirt, and dander while adding shine to the coat and warming the muscles.

This grooming tool is $39.00 and includes free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime.

5. Roeckl Sports Milano Riding Gloves ($29.95)

The Roeckl gloves are the latest and greatest thing for equestrians, and once you have worn a pair of their gloves you will understand why.

The Roeckl Sports Milano Riding Gloves feature a hard-wearing style perfect for daily use. A ribbed stretch back along with Roeckl’s signature comfort-cut design ensures unrestricted movement while the digital suede palm provides grip without excess bulk. The hook-and-loop closure at the wrist lets you find your best fit as the metal applique and Roeckl logo add a sporty touch. And the best thing about these glove is that they are machine washable!

They come in many different sizes, black or brown. And you can find them for the best price at Riding Warehouse for $29.95

6. Ariat Ladies’ Ideal 3.0 Jacket ($74.99)

The Ariat® Ideal 3.0 Jacket delivers the most cozy comfort for the weight. This expertly constructed and packable style folds up easily in its own attached pouch for the ultimate in travel-friendly warmth.

With AriatTEK Cold Series technology, premium goose down insulation offers the ultimate lightweight warmth, while the stylish quilted nylon outer sheds horse hair and hay. This soft and breathable ladies’ jacket also has a durable fabric finish to provide wind and water resistance. And even though it has goose down insulation, it is still machine washable!

Right now Dover’s Saddlery has a deal on this jacket for $74.99.

7. Custom Tack Trunk

Ok, now this can get really pricey. BUT, if you DIY it, you can buy a tack trunk for less than $100.00! And a tack trunk is so helpful, and useful to have whether at your own barn, or if your horse is boarded.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

The Husky ($51.69) or Stanley ($89.00) rolling tool boxes make perfect tack trunks! And you can personalize it by adding an engraved plate, or making your own.

Rubbermaid also makes a bonafide tack trunk, but it’s a little more expensive at $189.95, and it doesn’t have wheels, or a handle.

8. Kavallerie 3D Air-Mesh Shock-Absorbing Fleece-Lined Half Pad ($89.95)

Kavallerie 3D Air mesh half pad with fleece lining gives extra cushion to help build up the space between your horses back and the saddle with enough allowance for muscle back drastic development. It also balances out the uneven saddle and gives superior protection against rigorous activities. Both rider and horse are protected on high jumps and intensive training due to the soft cushioning and gel tech padding that absorbs shocks and give ultimate back support.

With light 3D mesh and PU foam material and open gel holes channel which allows airflow and dissipates heat build-up quickly that causes discomfort to your horses. These exceptional materials feature double stitching and long-lasting durability.

And this saddle pad is affordable at $89.95.

9. Uniquely English Fancy Stitched Leather Halter ($36.99)

This is such a beautiful halter. The halter has a raised, padded nose and crown with fancy stitching and comes in a lovely Havana brown color. And the leather is so soft! You could pair this with a nice new cotton lead rope for a thoughtful gift for your favorite equestrian!

You can find this halter at Jeffer’s Equine for $36.99

10. A Gift Card to their Favorite Tack Store

And if all else fails, and you aren’t really sure what to get them, you can always get them a gift card. That way you don’t have to worry about the size, color, or anything else!


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