christmas gifts for horse lovers

It’s that time of year again….time to get cracking on buying those special treasures that will make the eyes light up of their intended recipients. And for some, that might seem like an easy task. For others, like me, that can pose a bit of a challenge, especially of that special person I am buying for is an equestrian.

If you yourself are not an equestrian, it can be extremely difficult to find something that the horse lover will really be able to use and love. But don’t fret! I have found a collection of  different gifts that you could consider for your equestrian.

1. A Cool Belt

C4 Belt

If your equestrian is into showing, or could just use a nice belt, The C4 belt is an excellent choice. They are very popular on the hunter jumper circuit of shows, and they come in many different colors and patterns. And you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size, as they come in one size, and can be cut down to fit the rider. And they are affordable, around $25.00 on eBay.

2. Fancy Horse Treats

fancy horse treats

As horse owners and lovers, we always think about our horses, and we always seem to be buying horse treats for them. You can find horse treats at almost every tack and feed store, and most of them are really inexpensive. But for special gifts, you can splurge and buy the best of the best when it comes to horse treats. Snaks 5th Avenchew are the best when it comes to horse treats. You can buy pony pop tarts, and pony canoli, even donuts for horses. They cost from $12.00 to $28.00,

3. Saddle Pads

saddle pads for christmas gifts

Saddle pads seem to be an addiction for equestrians,myself included.So you can never go wrong with buying a new saddle pad. And saddle pads are inexpensive too! You can find some really nice one’s on eBay for around $20.00, and there is always places like Dover Saddlery and Smart Pak Equine.

4. Boot Socks

equestrian gift ideas

An equestrian can never have enough boot socks! And they come in so many fun patterns and colors. Boot socks are a very practical and fun gift for equestrians. You can get basic boot socks for around $8.00 including shipping from eBay, and you can get really fancy compression socks for around $20.00. For a good basic pair of boot socks that last, you may want to consider Nobel Outfitters, The Best Darn Boot Sock for about $13.00

5. Fancy Horse Brushes

haas horse brushes

Horse brushes are always a good idea for horse people. We all have our favorite brushes,and I can honestly tell you, we can never have enough brushes when it comes to pampering our ponies. My favorite brushes I have found lately are by Haas. This is a German company that makes incredible brushes for horses. I bought one just to see if it was as special as it’s price ($35.00) and it is! It is The Diva Exclusive brush, and it is wonderful. Judging by the quality of this brush has made me want to replace all of my brushes with the Haas line of brushes. The best place I have found in the United States to buy these brushes is at Smart Pak Equine.

6. A Nice Pair of Gloves

equestrian christmas gifts

These gloves are on my Christmas wish list this year. If your equestrian has a pair of heavy duty winter gloves, why not think about a nice pair of gloves for show? You can spend anywhere from $10.00 to $100.00 on a pair of show gloves, which is why I am asking Santa to bring me a pair of winter riding gloves that I can use while doing barn chores. The SSG 10 Below Zero glove will keep my hands toasty warm, and I can ride in them all winter long. These gloves cost around $39.00 including shipping from eBay. They do sell them at Dover, but the cost $48.00,plus shipping.

7. A Personalized Calendar

christmas gifts for horse lovers

How about a 12 month long calendar filled with photos of your favorite equestrian throughout the year? Everyone has photos of their horses, and I am betting you probably have enough photos of your equestrian and their horse to make an awesome calendar. And this time of year, places like Snapfish have incredible deals, so you can get a $20.00 calendar for around $8.00.

8. Grooming Toe Filled with Goodies

great christmas gifts for horse lovers

If you want to think bigger, you could always get them a grooming tote in their favorite color filled with necessities like brushes, a hoof pick, different grooming products and some horse treats.

9. Bucket of Bathing Supplies

christmas gift ideas for equestrians

Another really neat gift would be a nice washing bucket filled with items you need to bathe and pamper your horse. Fancy shampoos and products (Cowboy Magic products are incredible) and sponges, micro fiber cloths, and of course a spray nozzle in their favorite color would complete this gift idea.

10. Leather Care Kit

christmas gifts for horse lovers

If you have horses, and leather, you really need the leather care cleaners and conditioners to keep all of that leather in fabulous condition. One way to do that is to buy everything in one kit. This is a great kit with everything needed to take care of halters, bridles, saddles, boots, and anything else leather you may have. The best price I have found for this kit is $45.00 on Dover’s website, and it is really worth the investment. And it comes n a handy portable storage container, keeping all of your cleaning items together!


And that’s it! That is my list of items that would sure to be a hit with your equestrian for Christmas this year. Hopefully this will give you some ideas of what you might think about giving, or receiving as a gift.


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